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The Fastest Street Legal Car in the World

The Fastest Street Legal Car in the World

When you think fast street cars, you probably begin to picture Ferraris, a Bugatti Veyron, and kick ass Lamborghini. How about a Chevrolet Corvette?

Corvettes are classic, cool cars but the fastest streets car…not likely.

Well think again. Coming from Generation High Output:

1963 was a very special year for the Chevrolet Corvette because it was the one and only year the car came with a split rear window. This oddity makes 1963 model years highly desirable to collectors. However, this ’63 Corvette is special for another reason: it holds the official title of “World’s Fastest Street Legal Car.”

A lot of work has been put into these wheels and the results speak for themselves:

…this car produces 2,600hp and 1,700 ft-lbs of torque. It has been certified as the World’s Fastest Street Legal Car by the National Hot Rod Association and by the IHRA Pro Mod – 7.50 ET and faster.

The car was built by Rod Saboury of Manchester, Maryland. Rod is a 3-time Drag Racing World Champion, 8-time World Record Holder, and has held the title of World’s Fastest Corvette on two previous occasions with a 1957 and a 1953 Corvette.

As you can imagine, a first-class professional build like this would command top dollar at Barrett-Jackson. The car sold for $198,000 dollars, which may seem like a lot but as any drag racer will tell you, you couldn’t build the same car for that amount. So to whomever bought the World’s Fastest Street Legal Corvette, Godspeed, and don’t forget to fasten your safety harness while cruising around town!

Men, cars and the red pill. Time to go for a drive and enjoy manhood.


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