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False flag exposed in Donbass

With western mainstream media jumping to call yesterday’s tragic terrorist attack in St. Petersburg a ‘false flag’ operation, an actual false operation has been perpetrated by the terrorist sponsoring Ukrainian state in their war of aggression against Donbass.

After further intense shelling of the Lugansk People’s Republic by Kiev’s forces, it has been revealed that Kiev’s agents have been conducting reconnaissance and sabotage missions into Lugansk using vehicles painted with the official logo of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

OSCE cars

Speaking to the press, Lugansk Lieutenant-colonel Andrei Marochko said,

“The OSCE Mission representatives confirm the information, which we have stated several times, associated with the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), in contravention of all the norms and international law, use the cars with the OSCE logo to carry out reconnaissance”.

Lugansk officials have spotted false flag OSCE vehicles operating throughout the Republic.

This comes as Lugansk People’s Militia fighters have uncovered a huge cache of weapons in Debaltsevo that may have been transported by Kiev’s forces using the fake OSCE marked cars and trucks.

As saboteurs increase their attacks on Lugansk, they appear to be using many of the tactics of terrorists in Syria, namely terrorising civilian populations and often doing so under false pretences including false flags. Sabotage style attacks  have also become a hallmark of al-Qaeda forces in Damascus as well as Kiev’s forces in Donbass.

If the western mainstream media needed a reminder of what an actual false flag operation looks like, they ought to investigate it in Donbass, not St. Petersburg.

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