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BOMBSHELL: Fake Russians are rigging the U.S. Presidential Election

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (L) and Maria Alekhina members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot pose for photographs at Amnesty International UK headquarters in East London on November 14, 2014, before speaking at a reception with activists who campaigned for their release from prison. AFP PHOTO / ANDREW COWIE (Photo credit should read ANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images)

For months now, Hillary Clinton has been busily engaged in an attempt to locate Russians of any kind who are meddling with the American election. Because she hasn’t found any, she’s resorted to doing what she does best….lying.

But the good news for Hillary Clinton is that she no longer needs to lie about this. There are in fact ‘Russians’ trying to meddle in the American election and because they are living in America, it should be very easy for the FBI to arrest, try and jail them.

Individuals calling themselves Pussy Riot, have made an obscene song and accompanying moronic video which lambasts and slanders Donald Trump. I use the word song liberally because as a classical trained musician, I fail to recognise anything remotely related to even the most liberal definitions of musicality. Nevertheless, they are posting anti-Trump propaganda online which they intend to use to influence the American election. SOMEBODY STOP THEM!!!!

Wait…I spoke too soon, there are some problems.

When Hillary Clinton and the American media establishment talk about Russians, they mean normal Russians. They mean patriotic Russians. They mean intelligent Russians. The mean real Russians. The individuals in Pussy Riot may have been born in Russia, but they hate Russia, they spit on Russian culture and traditions.

They degrade and debase Russian people. They speak out in favour of Russia’s enemies, including fascists. Frankly, they do not deserve to be called Russians. They have forfeited any claim to a majestic Russian culture which Donald Trump respects far more than they do. They are insignificant pieces of scum.

Let us just think hypothetically. What if a group of actual Russian musicians came to America and formed a band called Wiki Riot? They could record songs like, ‘No Fly Zone To The Moon’, ‘Highway to Homs’, ‘Benghazi And The Jets’, ‘Double Suicide’, ‘Hilly Stardust And The Spiders Behind Bars’, ‘Lewinsky, Lewinsky, Me Gotta Blow’, ‘I Did It Lie Way’, ‘Hit The Road Bernie’, ‘My Baby Just Deleted The Letter’,  Nights In Whitewater Stain’ ….there is plenty of material. I’m sure such a band wouldn’t last very long in the brave new America where free speech comes at a price.

Although Hillary Clinton’s establishment friends will doubtless do little to police the Pussy Riot, at least this can be said. No one pays a great deal of attention to this scoundrels, not in Russia, America or anywhere else. For a while they were used by the western mainstream media to prove some vague point about Russia, but that didn’t sell in the long term. They may be helping to rig the election, but they won’t succeed.

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