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This Hillary Clinton war crime in Libya should disqualify her from the Presidency

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Hillary Clinton’s war crime in Libya is the most serious of her many violations of the law. Not only are there international implications beyond merely breaking US Federal law, her war on Libya left a trail of blood which continues to run. It was and remains both illegal and morally unconscionable.

In 2011 Libya was the wealthiest state in Africa whose citizens enjoyed the highest living standards in African history. Libya stood as an example not only to the rest of Africa but also the Arab world, many of whose leaders resented Gaddafi’s success, his policy making independence, his ability to combine Islamic tradition with secular realities and his good treatment of non-Arab, black Africans. They may also have been jealous of his penchant for philosophy and literature. This certainly is true of the philistine Gulfis.

But few nations get bombed and have their leader executed purely because of internal peace and prosperity. Hillary Clinton had greater ambitions for Libya. As many knew at the time and as we all know now thanks to Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton was enraged that Gaddafi was on the verge of creating a gold-backed African Dinar which would have replaced the US Dollar as Libya’s main trading currency. The idea was to use Africa’s natural resources to break free from the shackles of Dollar dependence. That would not do for Hillary Clinton.

This of course came after Gaddafi’s rapprochement with none other than George Bush and Tony Blair in late 2003. The wisdom of Gaddafi’s decision to make peace with the western powers he built a career on denouncing remains controversial. Nevertheless, Libya was able to maintain its independence in spite of the initial ‘opening up’ of Tripoli.

But what was good enough even for the hardened war criminals Bush and Blair was not good enough for the more sinister Clinton. Any sign that Libya might want monetary and trade independence from the Federal Reserve was enough to call for a war on Libya. Without any UN approval, the NATO planes buzzed in.

Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron were the useful idiot poster boys for the campaign.  Barack Obama took a conspicuous back-seat and recently admitted Libya was the worst decision of his presidency. Although Obama made many decision, I have to agree that going into Hillary’s war was the worst of many.  But as we now know, Hillary Clinton agitated for the war against the wishes of many in Obama’s government and also in the Pentagon. It was Hillary’s war beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Therefore whilst others must also share in the criminal culpability for the war, she must be regarded as the wars leader. Libya today is now a failed state, some would say a non-state. Whilst Iraq’s weak government attempts to bring some measure of unity to the once strong country, whilst Yemen fights surprisingly valiantly against Saudi aggression and whilst Syria will likely free her country of Islamic terrorists thanks to the support of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and others, Libya looks more and more like a lost cause.

The world has abandoned Libya and ISIS and others like them have filled the gap. Libya has no friends and oddly has no powerful enemies. Even those spending millions to destroy Syria, Yemen and Iraq seem to have let Libya be cast out to die in a disorganised terrorist inferno. Libya, once a gatekeeper to Europe’s southern maritime border, is now a free for all. Hillary Clinton’s war is a proximate cause of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’.

The imagines of Gaddafi’s brutal execution have haunted the world, including many in the west. The bloodied body of a once proud man asking his executioners, ‘what have I done to you’?

He gave them modern homes for little or no money, he brought water to the desert, electricity to a land where many lived in tents prior to his rule. He gave them modern agriculture, cars and farm machinery, pensions which were the envy of the region. He gave them literacy and education. He protected them from invasion for decades. This is what he did for Libya.

And what did Hillary Clinton do? She totally destroyed it for both Gaddafi’s allies and his legitimate opponents. And what’s more she laughed about it! “We came, we saw, he died”, Was her mantra.

I’d like to say, ‘we saw, we cried, you must be tried’.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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