Eyewitness accounts from Germany post Nord Stream destruction [Video]

A reader sent their description of life in Germany while the elites of that nation worship the not-so-great god, Zelensky.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

For those readers who have ever visited Germany, it is quite possible that your memories of that country resemble my own. A high degree of order, immaculate streets and homes, very high-precision manufacturing, and a culture that is truly “by the clock.” While one of the country’s architectural absurdities is Frankfurt Airport, one of its triumphs is the airport in Hamburg.

What you are about to read and see shows how that has been blown apart by elitism and anti-Russia hysteria, as the German government reverses course and slides into a New Woke Teutonism, sending Leopard-II tanks and weapons into Ukraine, and as German Foreign Minister Baerbock bluntly states that “Germany is at war with Russia.”

How is life for the regular folks living in Germany, though? One person reported and showed me what it is like there. A little disclosure. My source is a Russian who works in Germany. Many Russians do, and have for many years, when the relations between the two countries were far more cordial. My own sister in law works for a German firm (or has). Russians are often very attracted to German life and language – next to English, German is the predominant second language for many Russian people. My source is apolitical, but very direct as you will see. The original language of this person’s writing is English, and I am not editing it for correction or emphasis, but I am hiding specific corporate names to protect my source. What you are about to read comes “straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Here we go:

From before the war:

“Very strange multiculturalism policy in the company – things like black history month and Ramadan are celebrated but I saw not a single word or letter mentioning Cristian Easter (1 of April in Germany) although this was a state vacation in Germany, or not a single word about significant events in Russian culture (like victory day against fascism). XXXXXX is an international company and has employees from many countries around the world but it seems that some countries/groups of people/religions are in preference and some are completely ignored and neglected. All of it creates uncomfortable conditions for work and sense of inequality” I’m afraid they will put me to some black list now ! 😁

Then after the war started, and after the destruction of Nord Stream by American and Norwegian culprits, January 10, 2023:

My Source: I’m quite well if not consider some issues with heating and hot water in my apartment in Munich – very often the heating doesn’t work and there’s no hot water. They say that they are “repairing” something but I think they probably try to save gas in their storages. I don’t know. And very often it’s cold inside the apartment and I already was sick with a high temperature.

Scene in the center of Munich, Germany, near 10 January 2023

SH: Hi… I am told that Germany and other European countries are having an energy crisis because they decided to refuse to buy it from Russia after the war started. It was intended to punish Russia but it seems to be that it only bothers the Germans and the European people, because their governments care more about trying to beat Russia than they do about their own citizens. Does this fit with what you experience?

My Source:yes, this is true! My landlady (she is German) also supports Russia now (not Ukraine), many people start realizing that USA is trying to destroy their country, especially when USA started moving German factories to USA. We discuss it with my landlady a lot and she also agrees that all of this diversity/inclusion/immigration policy intends to destroy their culture and lgbt….+ 🤢 is for destroying families. She also told me that it would be great if Russia can help Germany to become independent from USA but since Germany provides Ukraine with weapons it’s not possible. She also says that there can be possible blackouts in the country and that I should buy food supplies, medicines and so on 🙁

SH: That is fascinating. I may write about that. Can you tell me any more about what you see in Germany?

Well, that’s all in general. Also in Munich – a lot of immigrants from Africa/arabic countries (in muslim clothes), India, gypsies and so on. A lot of people bagging for money (the majority of them are arabs and blacked-skin) – I’m not sure if they really need money, more seems like these are some sort of gangs (like in Moscow in 1990 years). A lot of rubbish everywhere. And so on. Complete opposite of stereotypes about Germany. Lgbt flags everywhere.

But this is not the worst situation, not so long time ago I travelled to Milan – there is much much worse, black people are everywhere and they are gathering together to gangs, once I saw they beat cars and shop windows! They are very aggressive, it’s simply dangerous to walk when it’s dark. An there’s no police.

Photos taken in Milan since start of SMO and energy sanctions.

[A]nd one more thing – my landlady sent me this person – she said many people support him but probably he will not be able to get a good position in the government because the government is pro-USA(Edited)

Professor Dr. Knut Löschke

At this point I must offer a translation from the German (via Google and my own limited knowledge of the German language)

Prof. Dr. Knut Loeschke, member of the University Council at the University of Leipzig, member of the Board of Trustees of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Natural Sciences, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University Hospital Leipzig and the IT consulting company Softline AG [stated]:

“I’m fed up, or to put it even more clearly: I’m fed up with the permanent and increasingly religious climate ramblings, energy transition fantasies, electric car worship, scary stories about end-of-the-world scenarios from Corona to conflagrations to weather catastrophes.

“I can no longer stand the people who say that yell into microphones and cameras or print in newspapers every day I suffer from seeing science being turned into a whore of politics Tired of letting abused teenage kids tell me what to be ashamed of. I was fed up with having any disturbed explained that I am to blame for everything and everyone – but above all as a German for the past, present and future misery of the whole world.

I’m fed up with religious and sexual minorities, who shamelessly exploit their well-established minority rights with constant media support, want to tell me what I can and can’t do and say. I’m fed up with it when completely crazy people mess up my German mother tongue and think they have to teach me how to write and speak in a mainstream way.

I’m fed up with seeing how completely uneducated people, who have done nothing in their lives other than carrying someone else’s briefcase, believe they can govern Germany. I can no longer bear it when, under the pretext of a “motley society”, law and security disappear and when you come out of the main train station in the evening and have to climb over dirt, filth, homeless people, drug addicts and drug thieves, past walls covered in scrawl.

I would like the people in my country to be valued and supported, regardless of [sex], skin color and origin, who produce the wealth of society as a whole with their diligent, productive and value-adding work every day: the employees in the companies, the craftsmen , the freelancers, the many committed and socially active entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses. I want our children’s teachers, our sick and needy doctors and nurses to receive the recognition, appreciation and support they deserve every day. I want the young and impetuous to let off steam within the well-defined boundaries of our legal space, but also to bow to their parents and grandparents, to the elderly and experienced, because they are the creators of their prosperity and freedom.”

Returning to my source, who visited Russia briefly before returning to Germany. Note that the source is critical of some of the developments in Russia regarding prices – I, too, see some items as more expensive, some the same, some less. With the cutoffs of certain trading partners, this seems to be within reason, but that is my opinion. Now you will read the source’s:

SH: What [was] it like for you being back home? (February 8th, 2023, question asked January 27th)

My Source: Hi… I don’t have any VPN at home – so I could not open LinkedIn. Now I’m back in Germany. To be honest I have different feelings about visiting home. First of all – I’ve noticed that prices increased quite significantly including food. And many people are more depressed/lost their job/some are more aggressive. So the situation is definitely worse then when I left in May 2022.

Here in Germany the situation is also not good – I told you. My landlady with her family now is in a state of panic. She has 2 young sons and she’s very afraid that Germany will be involved in a war with Russia again, a lot of Germans don’t want it. And she is considering relocation to Georgia now. I have no idea how they are going to live and adapt in Georgia – they don’t know the language, don’t have any job there and so on. So what I see – people are quite depressed and scared both in Russia and in Germany. And the situation in economics is getting worse in both of the countries.  And yes, I’ve arrived in Germany, it’s -10 degrees at night and I have no hot water again! 😡…

Yes, …for me this will also be difficult to find a job in Russia as many IT companies relocated their employees/closed their offices due to the sanctions. There are to few companies left like XXXXXXXX – but I don’t want to go back to this company.

In the USA it’s also currently difficult to find a job for Russian people. I’ve applied for a couple of companies in USA (I’m not currently looking for a job – this was just an experiment) and immediately got a rejection. I’m 100% sure this is because of my nationality.  In EU currently situation is a little bit better – if you have a residence permit (even being Russian) – you can find a job here.  But you’re not Russian citizen – maybe you will be more lucky with finding a job in USA 🙂

But USA is also a horrible country – they absolutely lost their mind with this constant diversity/inclusion/lgbt (and so on) propaganda. I’m so sick and tired of this insanity and hate it so much! I don’t want to relocate there anyway!  …Yes, to become independent – this is my dream also, I’m tired of working in offices – in Russia the salary is quite low, the time to commute to work is big, in EU/USA – there are a lot of people from India, Muslims and so on in companies who don’t work because they are “protected class, diversity, inclusion” and I work for all of them and tired of tolerating it.

I knew my source very well while this person worked in Russia, and they have the gift of honesty, directness and calling it like they see it. As one can see here, the opinions are blatant and bluntly stated. This is one of the great blessings about the Russian people in general – they have no problem telling you exactly what they think.

It is my hope that this account will get read and passed on, because it is real and as accurate as any one person’s experience can be. While I am sure other people would say different things, this is all true in the eyes and ears of the person reporting it.

The West is a disaster courting a major, worldwide disaster. We need to know and see what we are doing.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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john beasley
john beasley
February 10, 2023

Until the American and European satanic oligarchs are defeated, insanity will continue to rule.

Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb
Reply to  john beasley
February 11, 2023

A bit crass but…too many in the Western world are so far up the Yankee rectum…they lack oxygen and brain malfunctioning.

February 10, 2023

I speak with Germans and regularly visit Germany. People are still busy with Covid due to the media hype. Germany is the only country apart from China were useless masks are still demanded. Real Politik introduced by Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt is dead. What now drives the Bundes Kanslerei and politics is wokism, WEF fascism and Washington neocon neoliberal oekazes. Germany is still ocupied by American forces you know. The British, the French and the Russians left Germany in 1992. Baerbock is a typical WEF trainnee as Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, Rutte and so many more are. Besides Canada, Germany… Read more »

Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb
February 11, 2023

I have lost ALL respect for the US. It is utterly despicable and contemptible how the US walks over all countries, especially those who refuse (and rightly so) to dance to the Yankee tune. All the sanctions are acting like boomerangs and the US will feel the effects too…hopefully soon.

Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb
March 5, 2023

Obviously the author of this article never had to tackle German bureaucracy…

Wings for freedom, victory. Elensky tours London, Paris, Brussels. Hersh, Nord Stream sabotage. U/1

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