Euromaidan failure. 30% of Ukrainians now want corruption punishable by death

Euromaidan did wonders to solve Ukraine’s corruption problem.

The natives are getting restless and this time around Victoria Nuland will not be passing out cookies. Ukraine’s citizens are slowly (very slowly) waking up to the fact that they were swindled by the EU, US, and a new set of local Oligarchs who took over the reigns of power and begin shop lifting everything in sight.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Around 30 percent of survey respondents in Ukraine believe that corruption should be punished with the death penalty, and 41 percent believe that the offence should carry a life sentence, according to a survey of 600 respondents across all regions of Ukraine between June 8 and 13.

Of the remainder of respondents, 22 percent believe that even such extreme measures would not help to overcome corruption, said Yelena Boyarkina, head of the Ukrainian sociological firm SocioStreamAG, which carried out the research: “Only four percent believe that the current system of combatting corruption gives effective results.”


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