Billionaire oligarch and Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, refuses to pay her interns a salary

Why anyone would be stupid enough to work for such a women is beyond me (and for free at that)…but I guess dumb people are in absolute abundance nowadays. Clinton probably feels that paying such sheeple is a waste of the money she rightfully “earned” providing political favors for donations into her Clinton Foundation.

Via Zerohedge…

What difference does it make? In yet another gross exposure of Hillary hypocrisy, The Guardian reports that the great savior of “everyday Americans”, promising to fight for fairness for working Americans; She who proclaims $15 per hour minimum wage is fair for all, is in the midst of a ‘hiring freeze’ of paid organizing positions, forcing experienced grassroots campaign workers to offer their services for free, unpaid internships.

Via the Guardian…

Experienced, adult political operatives who want to do grassroots work for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign currently have no choice but to work as unpaid, full-time interns, raising new questions about how the White House frontrunner runs her own labor force as she prepares to double down on young people’s role in the American economy.

The Clinton campaign is currently in the midst of what multiple Democratic sources described as a “hiring freeze” for paid organizing positions in the early campaign states where the former Secretary of State is laying the foundations of a massive national staff, with few if any paying jobs available for field operations.

Clinton’s camp has made headlines about its frugality and a hard sell on its fellowship program, which allows aspiring politicos between the ages of 18 and 24 to spend this summer as full-time campaign volunteers. The result, however, is the human-resources reality of a campaign – one scheduled to hold at least 26 fundraisers this month alone – that isn’t just taking on college students with political science degrees but expecting political veterans to gamble their careers on her without pay.

Clinton, according to her would-be employees, has left full-time organizers with little choice but to criss-cross the country and work as “free help”.

The Guardian has identified at least five “Organizing Fellows” on Clinton’s current field team in Iowa alone who held paid positions on national political campaigns during the 2014 midterm elections.

Reuters highlights how social media feels about Hillary’s “slave labor” campaign workforce…




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