EU has no money for Greece, but does have 11 Billion Euros for non-member state Ukraine. Victoria Nuland was right, “F**K the EU”

While Greece begs for a deal with Europe, and the EU foams at the mouth to place more crippling austerity on another EU member nation…Brussels has no problem dishing out billions for non-member state Ukraine.

Funny part is that Greece, Spain, Portugal and other countries hit by EU Troika economics will have to pony up cash for neo-nazi Ukraine.

Can you imagine if the billions given over from the corrupt EU to the uber corrupt Ukraine, were instead used to spur growth in a depleted Europe.

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Stvlianvs Kardam
Stvlianvs Kardam
April 28, 2015

This 11 billion € is bait to also trap Ukraine…

Troika destroyed Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland for political reasons [Video]

Donetsk Guantanamo. Video of the EU funded and sponsored concentration camps being built around Ukraine