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Eric Metaxas interviews Jack Maxey on his up-to-date findings from examination of Hunter laptop April 1,2021

The Contents Of Hunters Laptop Why It Matters To Every American – Jack Maxey

The Eric Metaxas Radio Show The content of the laptop is a bomb! Jack Maxey is sharing something especially significant – the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop – and discusses the importance of the content to every American patriot. https:/…


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April 2, 2021


“TG 304: The Strange Case of Congressman Matt Gaetz”

Direct from the bottomless pit
Direct from the bottomless pit
Reply to  MountainMiggins
April 3, 2021

OK, junior……..whatever you say.

Alien from another star system
Alien from another star system
Reply to  Direct from the bottomless pit
April 3, 2021

THIS is the genetic caliber of the defects American chooses for its leaders?

Thank you, we’ll be moving on with hope for more luck with the next planet.

Renewed clashes between Ankara’s militias and Kurdish factions, north of Aleppo.

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