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Empire Struts its Stuff…. in Syria (again)

Submitted by Steve Brown…

Nothing new for the Axis of Evil to strut its stuff. But US efforts to thieve Syria’s oil have hit a new high – or low – depending on one’s view. If the situation were reversed, with Syrians thieving oil around Mobile, that might cause a stir. But.. Americans have been programmed to think moral equivalence only applies to the Old Testament, or when John Bolton says so. Which is, well, almost never.

There is of course little sense for the SAA to sneak around Mobile, when the Shining Beacon on the Hill (no, not Paul Singer’s newspaper) has only noble intentions for the people it (Clinton) ordered bombed into oblivion way back in 2011.  Hardly fair though to compare the free-for-all the US created in Syria to the state of Alabama, is it?  At least for now, “might still makes right…” very much part of the Old Testament notion popular just about everywhere, just as Trump publicly announced. Whether Trump was speaking in jest, or just being honest about the lying thieving behemoth the west has become, is unknown.

To be sure, if anyone is going to heist oil then have a military contractor do it. From a secretive agreement, Delta Crescent Energy LLC (incorporated in the Biden State, 2019) snagged the juicy federal contract via ‘x’ the unknown, approved by ESF henchman and Kushner confidant, Mr Steve “IndyMAC” Mnuchin.

Delta Crescent Energy includes George W Bush’s Neocon Jim Cain who called for the death penalty for Chelsea Manning, and former Delta Force dude Jim Reese, notable for Blackwater-clone company TigerSwan. TigerSwan never had a license to infiltrate the North Dakota anti-pipeline protest but did so anyway, no doubt a federal feather in its ‘Rapid Domination’ cap.

And this narrative is incomplete without dodgy war-for-oil connections. Delta Crescent Energy’s John Dorrier appeared soon after the smoke cleared in 2003 and Hussein’s bronze bust (nearly) toppled, establishing oil operations in Syria’s Suwaidiyah field and in Iraq. The Wall Street Journal waxed lyrical about “The Little Driller That Might…” while the Evil Empire’s media virtually salivated about a ‘conquest’ that cost the public and many individuals their lives, trillions in treasure, and produced several failed states.

All of this raises the question: what on earth is Delta Crescent Energy actually doing with Syria’s stolen oil? The US does not need it, and states that the intention is to rebuild the SDF. More likely the US sees a source of rapprochement between the SDF and Turkey, where the SDF simply smuggles oil from northern Syria into Turkey.  Good deals make for good business and good friends … unless they are not friends of the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. That means Syria, the sovereign nation being targeted for oil and Nile-to-Euphrates Empire.

No doubt the men of Delta Crescent Energy consider their own country’s sovereignty paramount, but have less-than-zero compunction about stomping upon the face of another. And from where else would such a company as Delta Crescent Energy hail?  From the State of Joe Biden, of course.

Yes, we must worship at the feet of American consistency. While once the US goal for Syria’s oil was “to protect the oilfields from ISIS” the current mantra is that “the proceeds of Syria’s oil will enable the SDF to rebuild. USA foreign policy? The most trusted name in duplicity and thievery.

We cannot escape the fact that the president of the United States, US Treasury, and Secretary of State are all complicit in this sovereign criminality. They are war criminals who reign at the highest level of US power still, accomplices all, and approve such sovereign crimes. But at least they are honest about their lying and stealing. After all… it’s all about the oil. Has been for at least fifty years. And presumably will be for another fifty?

Steve Brown on twitter: @newsypaperz

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December 14, 2020

It is not “all about the oil”. As was stated in the article, the US doesn’t need it. The stolen oil is being used for reasons having little, if any, to do with profit, but as a political weapon. It is about regime change against any nation which insists on friendly relations with Russia or China, especially those near to their borders. Afghanistan and Ukraine are not oil rich, but were targeted for violent overthrow nonetheless. It is all about geopolitics,and has been for the past seventy-five year since the US adopted British colonial policy in that region. But the… Read more »

Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
Reply to  jdd
December 14, 2020

Fifty months is better than fifty years, but it’s still four years too long.

Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle
December 14, 2020

The list of US Peace Council actions (just for starters) for the US would be a good way forward for the world. “Behind the ethnic and gender diversity of Joe Biden’s announced appointments is the continuity of the Obama-Biden administration’s engagement in permanent war and regime change and commitment to “full spectrum dominance.” The promise of U.S. “leadership” means, in fact, U.S. dominance of billions of people who did not choose the American state to rule them.” Drastically cut the military budget. Return all troops from all war zones and close all the foreign military bases. End all unilateral coercive… Read more »

T W Huning
T W Huning
December 15, 2020

Right On, Indeed

Kushner’s Latest Deal for Israel

Hunter Biden SUBPOENAED [4 Investigations]. Pay-to-play with Burisma & two dozen other entities