Dutch Foreign Minister: One of those killed in Malaysia flight MH17 had an oxygen mask on

What does it mean if a passenger had time to put an oxygen mask before the plane went down?
I imagine it confirms that the plane was not destroyed by a surface to air missile or BUK. It also begins to point everyone in the direction of aircraft fire, which takes us back to the satellite images provided by the Russian Ministry of Defence showing fighter jets shadowing MH17 before the accident.
The fact that this information was leaked by the Dutch Foreign Ministers (the country leading the investigation into the crash) say a lot.

So are we finally getting closer to admitting that a Ukrainian fighter jet attack brought down MH17 in what was/is a huge false flag cover up.
Via ITAR TASS news agency:

The latest finding questions the earlier theory that the 298 victims on board the tragic flight had been killed instantly and indicates that they may have remained conscious after the Boeing aircraft was shot down.
“People hardly had time to notice the missile coming, but do you know that one of the victims was found with an oxygen mask over the mouth?” the HOC TV channel quoted the minister as saying. “This means that someone had time to do that. At least, we cannot rule out this possibility,” Timmermans said.
The Dutch Safety Board, which is leading the investigation and coordinating the international team of investigators, said in its preliminary report in early September that “Flight MH17 with a Boeing 777-200 operated by Malaysia Airlines broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside.”
The preliminary report included no information on the oxygen mask. Forensic experts have been unable to recover all the bodies from the crash site due to the fighting in the area. The search resumed after the warring sides agreed on a ceasefire around the airliner wreckage area and on a security corridor for the arrival of experts and their work at the crash site.


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