The Dutch Safety Board releases preliminary report on the MH17 crash. Can we pin this on ISIS?

The Dutch Safety Board released its preliminary report on the causes of the MH17 crash as a result of “high-energy objects from outside the aircraft,” causing the plane to break up over eastern Ukraine.
Directly from the preliminary report:

“Flight MH17 with a Boeing 777-200 operated by Malaysia Airlines broke up in the air probably as the result of structural damage caused by a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside,” the Dutch Safety Board said in its preliminary report.

In summary, they gave us nothing we did not already know…when we all know, that they know exactly what happened, as does the US government, the EU and Russia. Instead the world will have to wait a full year before any of the facts are divulged. As the Dutch Safety Board noted…

A full report will be published in summer 2015, “within one year of the date of the crash.”

Which essentially means that either the entire ‘Russia is the devil’/’Nudalstan’ Ukraine project will have been solved or we will have sunk into the abyss of a much larger WW3 like conflict, and MH17 will matter little by then.
Of course the MSM has already shifted to spin cycle as the poodle mouthpiece BBC notes:

“it’s almost certainly the result of a BUK missile”.

They did at least have some dignity to admit that it was not clear who may have fired the missile.

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