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Dr Luke v Kesha — #MeToo Hits The Buffers

While former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was fighting for his life in one American courtroom, another media fixer scored a big victory in another one.

if you haven’t heard of Lukasz Gottwald that is because he is a music producer rather than an artist. Producers don’t generally get a lot of credit with the general public, even though a good producer can turn a run-of-the-mill song into a monster hit. Dr Luke was all but unknown to the public until he was accused of the aggravated rape of one of his prospects. Kesha Sebert who goes by her first name Kesha – sometimes styled Ke$ha – was a teenager when she enjoyed her first taste of success. A talented songwriter and occasional actress as well as a performer, she soon hooked up with Dr Luke.

Her big breakthrough came in 2010 with the release of  her debut album Animal which was well received worldwide peaking at number 12 on the American Billboard chart and making the top twenty in many other jurisdictions.

Sadly, as has often happened in the music world, the artist had different aspirations from the management, and Kesha was soon demanding a bigger slice of the pie. Her mother appears to have been central to the following litigation which was augmented with an astonishing claim, namely that Dr Luke had drugged Kesha and raped her on the night of October 5, 2005. This begs at least three questions: why did she not report this rape at the time, or even seek medical attention, and why did she continue to work with him? Barbara Ziv may have a convoluted explanation for that, but the simple and obvious answer is that this rape never happened. In spite of Kesha being young and attractive, there is no suggestion that he had any sexual interest in her, their relationship being strictly professional.

This is not too surprising, because contrary to feminist dogma, not all men keep their brains inside their trousers, and Dr Luke has worked with many other attractive young women, one of whom would be Kesha’s undoing.

In February 2016, she told Lady Gaga that Dr Luke had also raped Katy Perry. Unlike most of the Bill Cosby accusers, Miss Perry is a class act, and refused to jump on the false rape bandwagon. Clearly, Kesha told this vile lie hoping to encourage other false accusers to do so, thereby bolstering her own false claim. This has now led to Judge Jennifer Schecter finding against her, and ordering her to pay Dr Luke’s legal fees of $373, 671.88 after a hearing in the still ongoing litigation.

Last month, Kesha whined to The Irish Times that “I just think what I’m worried about is there’s such a culture of cancel culture [that] if you say the wrong thing, your whole career and livelihood and everything you worked so hard for is, hashtag, cancelled.”

She didn’t say what happens to innocent men when people believe the wrong thing.

There is another “victim” here, the big-hearted Taylor Swift who donated $250,000 towards her legal fees. Kesha Sebert would do well now to repay that gift and drop or at least settle this action before she  makes an even bigger fool of herself, and perhaps faces financial ruin.

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