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Dr. Fauci taken to task as COVID-19 narrative swings wildly – again [Video]

COVID-19 has closed the planet.

Anybody who has been following the story about the coronavirus pandemic is hopefully aware of the constantly changing double, triple, quadruple and n-speak that the “experts” give us concerning the need for social distancing, wearing masks, not touching each other, and in America, especially about not being together in “non essential” places like… church. All of this has been more or less led and spurred on by one Dr. Anthony Fauci. We reported three weeks ago on some rather amazing accounts suggesting that this doctor was somehow connected to the research programs in a “chimeric virus” containing strains of SARS, HIV and other goodies to produce a supervirus – one that is incurable. That research program was ongoing in the United States before the government got wind of it and shut it down, rightly so, since it was a program designed to bring about nothing but death. However, the allegation goes, Fauci managed to channel money illegally to Wuhan, China, to a lab there to further the research, and it is that virus, the causal agent of COVID-19, that we all have come to know and roundly hate.

So goes the allegation. It seems like wackadoo conspiracy theory still to me, but there is some interesting detail behind it, so it is possible that there are at least several true elements. However, Dr Fauci works for President Trump on the Coronavirus Task Force, and of late, the President has been ignoring the good doctor’s “for your own good” advice more and more. On Friday, May 22, the doctor did a reversal from his long-held course that we must be isolated until the end of time (and our media controlled) and suggested that isolation for too long may do “irreperable harm… including to our own health.”

Yeah. We knew that already. Ask anyone who has been riding this thing out in their home for the last two months. Do you feel better now? Now, granted, we have done a lot to adapt to the present pandemic, but the rhetorical churn and froth over how this is being handled, and how and what the virus itself does is such that for the last week or two, it has been extremely difficult to know what to report on here. The only constant about COVID-19 seems to be the never-ending stream of unqualified nonsense (we have stronger words for that, you know) that have everyone who tries to stay informed jumping and paranoid… or, has them finally coming to the conclusion that seems to be true:

Nobody really knows.

It would be okay if someone, anyone, in leadership said this honestly and continuously, as a preface for trying to establish some sort of common ground. We know less about COVID-19 than the experts act like, and the increasingly political nature of the handling of the pandemic is far more dramatic than the pandemic itself has turned out to be.

The video included with this article shows the response of one entertainer, Dave Portnoy, who has been skeptical of Dr Fauci’s position for a long time. After Dr. Fauci suddenly whipsawed to a different point of view (in truly Orwellian splendor, without acknowledging he was wrong), Dave does not let him get away with it.

If nothing else, the video ought to help all of us blow off some long-built-up steam.

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