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Dr. Edward Lozansky Discusses The Spirit of Elbe Day and Its Strategic Importance for Today

In this Rising Tide Foundation Dialogue, I had the pleasure of speaking with American University in Moscow’s Dr. Edward Lozansky on his life’s work as a nuclear physicist, political exile, back channel diplomat between Russia and the USA and leading peace organizer with a focus on war avoidance, cooperation and education. We also discussed Dr. Lozansky’s role in spearheading the annual Elbe Day events on behalf of Russia House and, and the breakdown of diplomatic relations now underway driving the world towards nuclear war.

To sign up for this year’s Elbe Day event (April 25), visit

To purchase Dr. Lozansky’s autobiography, click here.

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April 16, 2021

Thank you for reminding us of this historic day, which seems otherwise to have been lost to the dark side of the American psyche. The lack of knowledge regarding this war, how it was fought, and how it came to be is truly astounding.

April 17, 2021
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I love Russia these days. Love their stance on marriage, love their stance on anti-corruption, love the dialogue btw Trump and Putin. Russians are more often like patriotic Americans than most Europeans.

St. Longinus
St. Longinus
April 17, 2021

Nice idea. Too bad russiahouse throws in the climate catastrophe nonsense. I’m surprised at The Duran. No thanks.

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