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Col. Douglas Macgregor, against the warmongers

See video. Although Colonel Douglas Macgregor is a regular guest with Tucker Carlson Today, his excellent YouTube channel does not get as much exposure it should. Dear Duraners, let us boost his channel, subscribe, and share his videos.

Below you can see that he is blasting the Biden administration for creating an enemy of Russia, provoking confrontation, complete stupidity.

Kristian Kahrs describes himself as a former NATO aggressor and warmonger in Kosovo, turned into a warrior for peace, democracy, and freedom of speech. Kristian is a Norwegian living in Belgrade, Serbia, and there is more about him on his website, the Serbian word for encouragement, where you can sign up for his newsletter. Also, follow Kristian on Gab, Telegram, Parler, and VK.

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April 18, 2021

Ok, Glad someone finally said it. They have no clue what war is.

Never Forgive, Never Forget
Never Forgive, Never Forget
Reply to  Adrian
April 18, 2021

Just ask the civilians of Donbass, those still left alive that is.

April 18, 2021

Always interesting:

“TG 319: Thumbs-Ups and Thumbs-Downs of the Week”

April 18, 2021


 April 18, 2021
Awaiting for approval

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