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Donald Trump is vindicated yet again (VIDEO)

When Donald Trump Tweeted that Obama had ‘wiretapped’ Trump Tower, he apparently got the technical language wrong, but he got the deeper truth correct.

If candidate Trump was not listened to by the US government, he may have been the only person in the world not to be subject to such intrusions on personal liberty.

Whilst Obama tried to wiggle his way out of responsibility in his usual way, Trump has held fast to his claim.

Trump has all ready been vindicated  on many other ‘sensational’ claims which he was derided for making by the usual suspects in the mainstream meida.

Here are some of the greatest hits.

–Huma Abedin’s relationship with creepy Anthony Weiner could compromise national security 

–The DNC was a crooked organisation 

–The Russian hacking lies were a cover for Hillary Clinton’s poor campaign 

–Terrorist can and have posed as refugees 

Now WATCH The Duran’s Peter Lavelle and Alex Christoforou discuss what Barack Obama may have known about the Trump hone hacking scandal.

Speak to Peter and Alex on Skype and suggest a topic for them to cover in their next video:

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