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Donald Trump goes RATIONAL on Russia

Donald Trump continues to strike a pragmatic tone about Russia while also hammering home his point that Vladimir Putin would have preferred a Hillary Clinton Presidency because she was “weak”.

Trump has told the press what he plans to ask the Russian President the next time they meet.

Answering questions on his recent flight to France Trump said,

“So the next time I’m with Putin, I’m going to ask him: Who were you really for? Because I can’t believe that he would have been for me. Me. Strong military, strong borders – but he cares less about the borders – but strong military, tremendous.

We’re going to be an exporter of fuel this year. We’re going to be exporting.

What was the first thing I signed when I got in? The Keystone pipeline and and the Keystone pipeline goes from Canada all the way through our country right into the Gulf and the ships are there to take it all over and compete with Russia”.

Trump then talked about how he would like to invite the Russian President to the US in the future once the “Trump-Russia media witch-hunt”  which has been “bad for the country (US)” dies down,

Trump stated

“I don’t think this is the right time, but the answer is yes, I would. Let’s be the smart people not the stupid people. The easiest thing for me to tell you is that I would never invite him. We will never ever talk to Russia. That all of my friends in Congress will say, oh he’s so wonderful, he’s so wonderful. Folks, we have perhaps the second most powerful nuclear country in the world. If you don’t have dialogue, you have to be fools. Fools”.

Donald Trump also promised that he would “make great deals” with Russia, even while turning America into an energy exporting state which Trump wants to see complete with Russia, something which at least on paper will be difficult due to the comparative expense of American liquefied natural gas vis-a-vis Russian gas delivered to places like Europe via pipeline.

Donald Trump’s idea of healthy business competition with Russia is a breath of fresh air vis-a-vis Obama’s attitude of a perpetual ideological struggle backed up by active proxy wars in places like Syria. Yesterday, during a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump even indicated that further Syrian ceasefires guaranteed by both the US and Russia could be in the works.

Trump seems to understand that the world is a balance of power and that super-powers can have healthy commercial competition, cultivate areas of cooperation and at no time take an aggressive stance against one another. This is a rational attitude and it is to be commended.

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