Donald Trump gets CNN to throw down the gauntlet in latest tweet

Fox News reports that its fellow cable network CNN responded in a truly scathing tweet to President Donald Trump’s own tweet about the network’s propensity to lie about him.

That would be a nice claim if it were true. CNN seems to do nothing but lie about all matters concerning the President and conservatives.

CNN is trying to stand by its story and claim that it truthfully reported that candidate Donald Trump knew in advance of the meeting between his campaign officials and Russians who were allegedly offering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. This is a claim that Mr. Trump has repeatedly denied and decried as “fake news”, and this denial seems to be boosted by the fact that Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen’s attorney and one of CNN’s heretofore “unnamed” sources said that he was wrong about the details he provided to CNN for the story.

CNN so far refuses to admit to dishonest or sloppy journalism and appears to be digging in, but Fox News noted the following:

Jim Sciutto, Marshall Cohen and Bernstein wrote CNN’s original story that particularly was damaging to the president, and resulted in countless cable news segments that provided ammunition for anti-Trump pundits.

[Lanny] Davis told BuzzFeed News that he regretted being the anonymous source.

The CNN story, which cited multiple “sources,” claimed Cohen said Trump knew in advance about the Trump Tower sit-down. However, Trump repeatedly has denied any advance knowledge of the meeting, and CNN has stood by its reporting amid widespread criticism.

President Trump chimed in yet again on this matter:

While CNN responded to Trump via social media, the network has remained stone-silent when asked by reporters throughout the industry about Davis recanting his story.

CNN published a new report on Tuesday that acknowledged the changing stories of Davis, but critics were quick to point out that it left several key questions unanswered. Some feel the piece revealed Cohen as a source, while others noticed that the follow-up failed to explain why the original report claimed Davis declined comment when he was actually used as a source.

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September 5, 2018

CNN is a joke! There is not one iota of discussion which looks at both sides of a story. Wolf Blitzer and his enablers just hold court and support each others lies. This seems to be the main arrangement for discussion. I once liked Jeffry Tobin , but he apparently has joined the piling on style of Wolf Blitzer.

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