Deep State at War with itself

The America presidential election cycle has exposed a number of serious fractures undermining the stability of the United States and the west in general. The power elites and its pliant mass media are in state of shock and fury western electorates are rejecting the neo-liberal order in droves. This has rattled the confidence of the powers-that-be. As expected these elites are not taking this lightly – they are vigorously pushing back.

At the center of the Deep State are the intelligence agencies. They are the guardians of the status quo and hegemony. Largely apolitical (though intensely ideological), they usually do not express a political party preference. It is assumed the major parties and their leaders will be in sync with the interests and goals of the Deep State. It is also assumed the intelligence community sings – more or less – from the same hymn sheet. This does not appear to be case at the moment.

The unexpected election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States is an unwelcome deviation from what western democracy is supposed to produce for the Deep State. Elections in the west are a ritual to validate and legitimize the status quo. The popular will is engineered, with the corporate mass media giving it a seal of approval. This time it didn’t work. The election of Trump is a major off script moment.

In many ways Trump is problematic, but he is also a major problem for the Deep State. Clearly this is why the “Russia card” is being employed against him. Trump has to be discredited – absolutely discredited. What better way than accusing him of sedition? Given the concerted fake news-conspiracy theory that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the universe’s puppet master, it is not surprising this narrative has the enormous traction among to many, particularly with the media.

Playing the “Russia card” has divided the intelligence guardians. The CIA (whose secretive mission includes mass deception), the discredited liberal mass media, and the neocon cabal deem Trump a serious threat. If he enters the White House the world they have known for decades will be in doubt. President Trump will certainly remember all their slights and scheming. This is a struggle to the death.

On the other side of the barrier are the Defense Intelligence Agency, the NSA and the FBI. It is very rare for these agencies to openly differ with the findings and conclusions of the CIA. Without any hard evidence demonstrating “Russian inference” and/or Trump’s strong connections to Russia these agencies appear unwilling to challenge the election outcome. These agencies probably also realize endorsing the fake “Russian meddling “ meme would be an open admission Washington’s vast security establishment unable to protect the country’s vital interests. Such an admission would demand major housing clearing of the entire intelligence community.

The CIA et al. are playing a dangerous game. The attempt to discredit and de-legitimize the president-elect could very well witness the Deep State go to war with itself.

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer.

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