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Dazed and Confused. Former Biden Stenographer confirms Joe is indeed SLEEPY

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Biden’s ‘mental acuity’ has diminished in the last 4 years, ex-WH stenographer says: ‘He’s lost a step


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Boy, that's a relief
Boy, that's a relief
September 13, 2020

Oh gee, and here I thought it was me having mental acuity problems because I had trouble understanding his unusually coherent quips.

Fred Mc
Fred Mc
September 15, 2020

In Canada a number of years ago, we had a Prime Minister by the name of Joe Clark. He was not an outgoing figure and really not all that well known. He garnered the nickname of “Joe Who”. We up here agree to allow our American friends to hang the same moniker on Joe Biden. It would be fitting, since he does not even know who he is most days.

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