Darth Vader interviews the Emperor. A conversation between neo-conservative leaders Dick Cheney and Bill Kristol [Video]

From the Weekly Standard:

The two discussed Cheney’s time as Secretary of Defense, the Gulf War, the Nixon and Ford Years, the Reagan years, 9/11, and the threats we face today.
On the last point, Cheney surveyed the world — particulary the Middle East — and expressed concern about Iran getting nuclear weapons. If that happens, Cheney predicted, many other countries in the region would quickly acquire nuclear weapons, too.
Cheney defended the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques–specifically, waterboarding, used by the Bush administration to help save American lives, as well as the NSA program. He also talked about how congressional leaders, such as Nancy Pelosi, all privately signed off on the programs — and implored the Bush administration not to bring it to Capitol Hill for discussion.

And what would any Cheney interview be without his trademark 9/11 fear mongering threats…

“So we’re in a very dangerous period and I think it’s more threatening than the period before 9/11,” Cheney predicted. “I think 9/11 will turn out to be not nearly as bad as the next mass casualty attack against the United States–which, if and when it comes, will be with something far deadlier than [with] airline tickets and box cutters.”

Bill Kristol ended the conversation by thanking Cheney for his “model” public service.
I wonder if Kristol means the $6 trillion USD spent on Iraq and Afghanistan, and the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the process. All of  which was money and lives well spent because we know obviously have “democracy” in the Middle East and “security” in America.
The House of Saud and Halliburton got a lot richer, and ISIS (otherwise known as Al Qaeda 2.0) was also a pleasant, and probably planned, side effect of Cheney’s “model” public service.

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