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COVID Assumptions: These 11 are Based on Fear not Fact

By Makia Freeman


  • THE STORY:So many people are walking around with their head full of unfounded COVID assumptions.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:Flaw after flaw, assumption after assumption, official COVID testing and the official COVID narrative are just a house of cards.

COVID assumptions –

the assumptions people make about COVID, how dangerous it is, how it spreads and what we need to do to stop it – are running rampant, running far more wildly than the supposed virus SARS-CoV2 itself. The coldly calculated campaign of propaganda surrounding this ‘pandemic’ has achieved its aim. Besieged with a slew of contradictory information coming from all angles, people in general have succumbed to confusion. Some have given up trying to understand the situation and found it is just easier to obey official directives, even if it means giving up long-held rights. Below is a list of commonly held COVID assumptions which, if you believe them, will make you much more likely to submit to the robotic, insane and abnormal conditions of the New Normal – screening, testing, contact tracing, monitoring, surveillance, mask-wearing, social distancing, quarantine and isolation, with mandatory vaccination and microchipping to come.

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John Ellis
July 2, 2020

A nutritious 10% fat diet will give us a healthy immune system and as this is our only defense against the carona-virus, why is it that all of society has a blackout on the most essential topic? A. The for-profit butcher medical industry, it can maximize profit only by maximizing illness. B. Capitalist economy, it generates 19% of GDP by allowing for-profit medicine to do it’s corruption. C. Capitalist government, it receives 20% of election campaign donations from butcher medicine. D. Mainstream media, all owned by the richest of the rich, surely the more illness in society, all the easier… Read more »

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