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CNN claims ‘Russians bragged’ about controlling Michael Flynn

CNN continues its assault on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as part of its campaign to make the United States look weak in the eyes of the wider world.

In a self-proclaimed ‘CNN First’, the news channel that Donald Trump labelled ‘very fake news’ stated,

“Russian officials bragged in conversations during the presidential campaign that they had cultivated a strong relationship with former Trump adviser retired Gen. Michael Flynn and believed they could use him to influence Donald Trump and his team, sources told CNN.

The conversations deeply concerned US intelligence officials, some of whom acted on their own to limit how much sensitive information they shared with Flynn, who was tapped to become Trump’s national security adviser, current and former governments officials said”.

As usual, the reports come from unknown and unnamed sources.

Before the age of politically correct censorship, children were instructed ‘don’t talk to strangers’. Now it seems that in Washington, the adage has metamorphosed into ‘don’t talk to Russians’.

CNN cannot grasp that it is not only normal but par for the course for US officials to speak with their foreign counterparts in a variety of capacities.

They likewise cannot grasp that during the course of such conversations, issues of trade, military cooperation and other attempts to build bridges are perfectly normal.

If CNN’s narrative were to be extrapolated, it would lead one to conclude that one could not speak with foreign powers unless such conversations are abrasive or threatening.

American officials speak with representatives of US allies like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Germany and Britain constantly. Why should they not speak with other countries too in an attempt to broaden America’s definition of an ally or even a partner?

This is all Michael Flynn did. Yet he continues to be scapegoated by a Democratic establishment and an anti-Trump mainstream media who want to bring down Trump at any cost. Their chosen method is Russia.

It isn’t that Trump’s opponents know a great deal about Russia and many others barely even care. However, they associate Russia with moderate conservative politics, traditional values, Christianity and pragmatism, all things which are both anathema and irritating to those who base their world view on blind, fanatical ultra-liberal ideology that is opposed to any recognition of traditional values.

In both Trump and Russia, they’ve found targets that are related only in so far as they represent everything the modern American liberal left love to hate.

Again, the real scandal is that so-called Christian conservative Republicans refuse to stick up for both Trump and the values that many in America increasingly associate both with themselves and with Russia.

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