CNN ‘accidentally’ implies that Moscow cathedral is a mosque

CNN is not only fake news, it’s fake architecture

CNN isn’t famous for getting things right. It’s one of the reasons why Donald Trump once called CNN “very fake news”.

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It seems that in a story about a cover from Time magazine which depicts St. Bail’s Cathedral of Moscow ‘growing out’ from Washington’s White House, they seemed to think that the Orthodox Christian church was a mosque.

CNN described the domes of St. Basil’s as ‘minarets’.

A large dome is a feature of almost all Orthodox churches. Many Russian churches in particular have multiple so-called ‘onion shaped’ domes. St. Bail’s is one such example of this.

A minaret by contrast is a tower, generally beside a mosque where a man called a muezzin climbs up and chants the call to prayer to local Muslims.

I could just about understand CNN getting confused if they were looking at images of the Hagia Sophia. Once the most prominent church in Orthodoxy, it was converted to a mosque after the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453.

Minarets were subsequently build around the existing building which retained its traditional Orthodox dome.

Is this what happens when reporters are more informed on the politically correct name for a man who removes his genitals and puts on a dress than the basic differences between an church and a mosque?

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