Mainstream media in Russophobia fail!

They get even the simplest details totally wrong

Time Magazine’s attempt to show how Russia controls Donald Trump’s White House has a glaring error.

Time published this photo trying to demonstrate Russian political power over America.

There’s only one problem.

The Russian building shown merged with the US White House is St. Basil’s Cathedral, a place of worship that has nothing to do with the political administration of Russia.

The Russian President typically works out of the Senate Building in Moscow, pictured below.

The Russian President also holds meetings in his official residence, the near by Grand Kremlin Palace, pictured below.

These buildings look nothing like St. Basil’s Cathedral,

A further political cartoon makes the same mistake

This time it’s even more inaccurate, as it places the famous red star of¬†Spasskaya Tower on top of St. Basil’s.

St. Basil’s has no red stars, only crosses.

Russia’s State Duma (the Russian Parliament) meets in this building,

The Russian government meanwhile meets in this building, ironically called the White House,

It seems the mainstream media cannot even get caricatures about Russia correct.

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