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Chinese Yuan hits 28 month high on Biden election news

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Chinese Yuan Rallies to 28 Month High on Prospect of Biden Win.

Trump supporters fear Biden will be compromised by Communist dictatorship.

Chinese Yuan Rallies to 28 Month High on Prospect of Biden Win

The Chinese yuan has rallied to a 28-month high on the prospect of a Joe Biden win, exacerbating the concerns of Trump supporters that a Biden administration will be compromised by the Communist state. The yuan saw wild swings on election night, with the dollar initially falling on expectations of a Biden win but then surging back as it looked like Trump would win re-election.

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November 7, 2020

Doesn’t matter at all the Chinese will go ahead with their move away from the USD + they keep-on reducing US Treasure Bonds because NOBODY can trust the USA in anything, even if they maybe have some leverage on Biden.

Last edited 7 months ago by Brokenspine66
November 7, 2020

…the first consequence is already visible!…that Biden is in the pocket and the payroll of the Chinease Comunist Party!…but I supose that Biden will not be acused of colaboration with the Chinease Comunist Party, as Trump was acused of colaboration with Russia!…anyway, one thing is sure – there will be less job available in the western world and this will go one in a continous way!…maybe, until it’s too late to recover!…I just hope I’m wrong!…time will tell!…

November 8, 2020

Welcome to the New World, The Chinese Century,China is no longer hiding it’s strength,China is the number one economy on this world,while America was wasting it’s power and strength on futile crusades in the Mideast,both Russia and China were getting stronger, the P.A.C. has given us the Chinese century,even the likes of Elon Musk has alluded to the fact over the next few years the Chinese economy will be three times larger than America,the belt and road initiative is to get the global south economies more organized and wealthier to buy Chinese products,it will surpass the Marshall Plan many times… Read more »

Reply to  Ozymandias
November 8, 2020

…lol…as true as North Korea is the promise land!…Chinease Comunist Party is the most sinister and brutal organization that the world as seen…but don’t repeat all this propaganda endlessly….it’s too ridiculous!…

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