Decrepit singer Cher attacks Sarah Huckabee for being a plain looking woman, gets destroyed on Twitter

Feminist hypocrisy slams a woman who chooses NOT to use her body as a sexual weapon against men

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Since Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a woman, feminists ought to be really happy that this woman has a prominent post in the Trump Administration as White House Press Secretary.  After all, this post is the “face of the Presidency” to the press on a day-to-day basis.

Sarah Huckabee receives tremendous publicity, and also, tremendous fire and criticism, to which, as a very strong lady, she responds with equal and greater fire.  She seems to do very well as Press Secretary, contrasted with some we have seen in the past, like the “wonderkid” James Carney of the Obama days, a poor man who seemed often genuinely unhappy with the position he was in (in front of a much friendlier press corps, too).

What do feminists extol?  And does Mrs. Sanders have these qualities? Let’s see.

Strength.  Check.

The ability to speak one’s own mind.  Check.

In-your-face confrontational abilities when pressed by men. Check.

A professional position with power.  Check.

So what is the problem?

According to Cher, the 71 year old pop singer and rather sexual exhibitionist icon, the problem with Sarah is her clothing. Cher tweeted that Sanders should stop dressing like a “sister wife” – taking a dig at Mennonites and other Christian groups that espouse extreme modesty in appearance.  So, Sarah is a modest woman?  And that is a problem?

Cher seems to think so, apparently. Of course, Cher likes to wear as little as possible when performing, and the image she has portrayed for decades is based around the weaponization of sex, perhaps “you can look but you cannot touch” aspect or maybe worse…

It is Cher that denigrates women, by insisting that a woman cannot be modest, conservative, Christian; that she cannot work for an administration or company that upholds and defends traditional values and shows it by living it.

What is refreshing is that the Trump supporters did not roll over and take it.  In what seems to be the long awaited roar, all many of them had to do was retweet photos of Cher looking like a prostitute and say, essentially, “please continue to embarrass yourself by offering moral commentary, Ms Cher.”

Not only did the Trump supporters and Sanders fans not like it, but some of the women who were there in the “Nasty Women’s March Redux” this year also were disappointed, if not outraged, because Cher went after the most petty things imaginable. It’s bad when feminists get mad at other feminists.  It’s like a cat war.  Stay away.

These were some other great comments:

We decided not to post the really indecent photos of Cher in her getup here – the video clip we link to should be enough, and even that – parents, please be parents before you let your kids watch this.

I have no problem with sexy lingerie on women. But I’d rather only see that worn by my wife in the privacy of my own home, thank you very much. I do not need my kids to see or get confused by filth.  So, Sarah, please, just keep on truckin’.  You’re doing just fine.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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George Wrigley
George Wrigley
January 30, 2018

Who cares what Hollywood whores think?

Tim Webb
Tim Webb
January 30, 2018

“….I have no problem with sexy lingerie on women…..”

I have no problem with that either, but when it’s on a man….

( Cher’s mother apparently said to her, “Darling, you should marry a rich man and settle down”; to which the reply was, “But Mother, I am a rich man…” )

Roger Boswarva
January 30, 2018

So, Cher . . . do you think her getting a plastic face like yours would help her?? Good God, women who think that only a particular type of “beauty” is their passport to anything are the reason why they get the disrespect they get.
Sarah is the honest kind of lady who earns and deserves respect.

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