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CASE CLOSED: NO COLLUSION – House Intelligence Committee votes to release findings

Vote along party lines is an indication that Democrats intend to pursue this dead horse for a very long time to come

The House Intelligence Committee has come to its conclusion as regards the matter of whether or not the Russian government or anyone in it was involved in collusion with the Trump campaign to interfere or alter election results in the 2016 Presidential Election.

That conclusion is simple.

There was none.

Zero, zilch, zip, nada, ничего.

On Thursday March 22, the House voted to release the Republican majority’s report on its Russia investigation, which found no evidence of any kind of collusion (which is not a crime anyway), coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Now the report heads to the intelligence community for declassification, which is expected to take perhaps a number of weeks.

Interestingly, according to Vox, the committee also found that the allegation that Russia itself supported Trump winning the election is also false.

However the report does recommend a crackdown on administrative leaks, including the introduction of mandatory polygraphs for those officials who have Top Secret security clearance. It further accuses James Clapper, the former head of the CIA (an Obama appointee) of providing “inconsistent testimony” (a.k.a. shady, dishonest, lies) in regard to his own contacts with the media.

This should rightfully be a real step towards ending this madness, which has consumed airtime and paper and ink for almost 16 months straight now. It is the biggest media hoax in recent memory, and possibly one of the biggest ones ever attempted.

However, it is not over. With strategically placed pressure from people who are brilliantly driving the RussiaGate scandal, like William Browder, the tax-fraud expat who has made it his goal in life to destroy President Putin and anyone who wants to not destroy him, like President Donald Trump who has expressed his sincere desire for a good working relationship with Russia, and the bitter I-still-cannot-believe-that-Hillary-lost-to-this-guy wounded snowflake Democrats, we can expect this issue to perhaps never really go away even if Trump remains president through two full terms. As Representative Devon Nunes pointed out, fair media is dead:

(Well, it is not quite dead, The Duran IS fair media. But the Congressman’s point stands in light of the mainstream press, for sure.)

Despite the lack of integrity in the press, the fact is that the findings of these committees is gradually stripping the basis of any kind of truth away from the collusion allegations, and these allegations have themselves become more tiresome and irrelevant as President Trump scores successes in his administration as President. With over 70 witnesses interviews, and with over 300,000 documents reviewed, the investigation has certainly been thorough.

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