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‘Captured by the Kremlin,’ John Bolton labeled Russian operative by Fake News media

Decaying RussiaGate scandal may actually be destroyed more rapidly with such bizarre attempts to keep it going

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America is getting tired of RussiaGate. President Trump is tired of RussiaGate. That is why he sent John Bolton, the National Security Adviser, on over to Moscow to meet with President Vladimir Putin to plan an upcoming summit. The meeting, as reported here, was a clear success. The summit itself is to be held on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland.

READ MORE: Vladimir Putin and John Bolton meet to prepare for presidential summit

The mainstream media do not seem to be getting tired of RussiaGate. Rather, they appear to be exhibiting more signs of what is being called by some the “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

As applied to all things Russia, this has been projected now onto Mr. Bolton, and several news agencies are trying now to portray the man they WERE portraying as “super awful warmonger” as “Kremlin stooge” and “Putin’s slave.”

RT ran a piece discussing this:

John Bolton, who has dedicated his life to getting Iran – a Russian ally – bombed, has revealed himself as a Kremlin agent after shaking Putin’s hand in Moscow, according to Russiagate’s most levelheaded disciples.

The US National Security Advisor met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for a meeting between Putin and Trump.

The arch-hawk has accused Russia of aligning with Iran, “the world’s most important financier of terrorism,” and throwing its weight behind an “axis of evil.” But Bolton’s decision to meet with Putin can mean only one thing, according to celebrated connoisseurs of baseless Russiagate conspiracies: John Bolton has been compromised.

Neocon stenographer Michael Weiss has led the charge, hinting that Bolton’s presence in Moscow suggests that the Russians probably have a video of him getting urinated on by a prostitute.

Not to be outdone, Russian fairy tale author and Atlantic Council poster boy, Anders Aslund, declared that Bolton had been “captured by the Kremlin.” Aslund provided mountains of damning evidence to support this incendiary claim – in accordance with the strict ethical standards of the Atlantic Council.

“Bolton made every sign of having been captured by the Kremlin, even doing his press conference at Russian Interfax rather than at the US Embassy. Sad & telling,” Aslund wrote.

RT was apparently enjoying the chance to poke fun at the Western incarnations of Chicken Little, and next turned their attention to the British attempt at perpetuating RussiaGate:

To their credit, the sleuths at the BBC took a more nuanced approach to Bolton’s visit, noting that the war hawk had flown halfway around the world for a face-to-face meeting with Putin, only to squander a ripe opportunity for escalation with diplomatic pleasantries. Shocking and sinister.

Echoing the profound cognitive abilities of Weiss and Aslund, a righteous group of #Resisters took to Twitter to express their outrage over two nuclear powers attempting to resolve disputes that could spiral into global extermination.

The UK’s Guardian offered the headline “The new John Bolton: Trump ally swaps fire and brimstone for a spoonful of sugar” and then offered this series of comments:

The trademark walrus moustache was still there, and the penetrating gaze was just the same, but in almost every other way the new John Bolton and the old John Bolton seemed very different.

The old Bolton was a firebrand pundit, raining derision from television talkshows and editorials on US diplomats promoting compromise with America’s enemies. Almost a year ago he wrote a commentary describing Vladimir Putin as a serial liar responsible for an “act of war” in the form of his interference in the US election and warned: “We negotiate with Russia at our peril.”

He described the nuclear deal with Iran, by which Tehran reduced its uranium stockpile by 98%, as an “American Munich” comparable to Neville Chamberlain’s short-lived agreement with Hitler, and he derided US diplomats as “appeasers” for pursuing contacts with adversaries for their own sake.

That was then, but this is now. And Bolton is now national security adviser to Donald Trump, whose defining diplomatic style is chumminess with dictators. In the past month, Bolton has shaken hands with Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin, with smiles all round. Face to face with Putin on Wednesday, Bolton replaced fire and brimstone with a large dose of honey.

“It’s great to be back in Moscow,” he told the Russian leader. “We are most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and I look forward to learning how you handled the World Cup so successfully, among other things.”

And then the Guardian goes on to trash the North Korea summit and to cast as much aspersion as possible to prove that President Trump and his administration are doing nothing good at all on the world stage.

Part of this is likely caused by increasing pressure within the US government to close the RussiaGate investigation, headed by Robert Mueller III. In a tense meeting on Capitol Hill, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy drilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, telling him it is time to wrap up the now two-year-long RussiaGate investigation, which has so far revealed precisely nothing to show that there was any interference with the US Elections by agencies within the Russian Federation, much less Donald Trump the candidate. Watch here as Rep Gowdy lights Rosenstein on fire:

The mainstream media has invested a huge effort in RussiaGate as a tool to thwart President Trump’s agenda as president. Since it didn’t work at preventing Donald Trump from winning the election, the investigation devoted itself to trying to tear him down and to somehow get rid of the unwanted president.

The problem with fake news is that it is fake. And truth prevails, it only needs time to do so. Two years have passed and now the truth is inexorably showing that this investigation is a fantasy predicated on a falsehood. This is not opinion. It is what is washing out as the result of the nature of the investigation itself.

The mainstream media seems unwilling to accept that their scheme has failed.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Helen B
Helen B
September 5, 2018

Laughable. Surely no sane person in the US can keep a straight face when they read such drivel.
I don’t know what President Putin has in his handshakes, but they seem to infect whoever they touch with civility. Something the Western MSM could do well to emulate …

September 5, 2018

Teh stupid is painful. Weiss off his meds again.

September 5, 2018

In a civilized country, editors and journalists who were conclusively proved to have deliberately falsified important facts woul get long prison sentences – as would crooked politicians, judges and lawyers.

Pity none of us Westerns lives in such a country.

Daisy Adler
Daisy Adler
September 5, 2018

“has revealed himself as a Kremlin agent after shaking Putin’s hand in Moscow”

American “logic”: any American diplomat or representative, shaking a foreign country leader’s hand, becomes automatically an agent of that country.
And some think that idiocy is not hereditary.

Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson
September 5, 2018

Yesterday The Times had an interesting article on its front page.


Britain fears that President Trump will undermine NATO by striking a “peace deal” with President Putin when the pair meet next month.

Cabinet ministers are worried that Mr Trump may be persuaded to downgrade US military commitments in Europe, compromising NATO countries’ defence against Russian aggression. ….


WeAreYourGods ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
WeAreYourGods ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
September 5, 2018

The irony of the idea that Bolton is even a little bit Pro-Russia is incredible. Few have been more anti-Russia than Bolton in his career as a perpetual first class warmonger. In fact, it looks like Bolton’s attempt to undermine the North Korea talks has landed him in the doghouse with Trump, first being sidelined for the NK talks and then being sent to Russia as an errand boy to arrange the Trump/Putin summit. Trump could have sent somebody from the State department, but he didn’t. He also called Bolton out for going to the media afterwards with the information… Read more »

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