British supermarket giant Sainsbury to make Muslim approved Easter eggs

Sainsbury has announced their Easter eggs will be ‘Halal’

The inclusiveness Nazis have really outdone themselves this time. Well if this isn’t an oxymoron…Sainsbury, a massive supermarket chain in the U.K. would like to make sure their Easter eggs are accessible to all people, especially Muslims who…believe it or not…shoclars are saying don’t, in fact, celebrate Easter, or Pascha as Eastern Orthodox Christians call it.

It turns out, only Christians celebrate Easter, which is less about an adorable bunny rabbit, and more about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. To be fair, many Western Christians need to be reminded of this, as it has become far too materialistic in the west, along with Christmas.

That said, it seems the UK has now devised a way to make Easter inclusive for Muslims. I suppose they could have done worse, they could have called them Holiday eggs, or spring eggs…oh no…am I saying…don’t give the morons ideas!

Your Brexit reports:

Supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s, declared on Twitter that it’s Easter Eggs will all be ‘Halal certified’.

Sainsbury’s declared on Twitter that the eggs will all be ‘Halal certified’. The announcement made on their Twitter page comes less than 24 hours after they declared they will not have the word ‘Easter’ on the Easter eggs for sale.

They said: “Every Easter or hens egg we sell is halal certified so technically every single of our eggs that we sell is halal. I hope this answers your question. Drago.”

Proof can be seen below.

Journalist, Tommy Robinson hit out at the supermarket giant saying: “Easter is a Christian Holiday. Why the fuck are the eggs Halal! Islamisation of the UK.”

Other Twitter users expressed their anger towards Sainsbury’s:

This is the reason why Sainsbury’s has stopped printing ‘Easter’ on Easter Eggs

While replying to a customer on Twitter, the supermarket Sainsbury’s has explained why many of their Easter egg products do not include the word Easter.

Since the first eggs went on sale shortly after Christmas, there have been a number of heated discussions on social media about why the word ‘Easter’ often doesn’t appear.

The main argument ‘for’ including the word is that many feel that as a predominantly Christian country, it is only right for UK-based chocolate eggs to include the word ‘Easter.’

On the other hand, there are others who feel that removing the word ‘Easter’ makes them more accessible to those who are not religious, or those who follow other faiths.

A member of Sainsbury’s social media team has addressed concerns over the naming of their chocolate products by posting the following in response to a customer:

A customer said:

In our local @sainsburys not a single Easter Egg as the word Easter on. Just won’t buy them.

They replied:

We feel labeling such products as Chocolate eggs best describes the product, its ingredients & contents. We do have other products that state the word “Easter”. Maclaine

Although this was the predictably ‘safe’ response from the supermarket, we have to say that it doesn’t address the concerns of those who are unhappy about the Christian element being removed from the packaging.

More to the point, it goes without saying that the majority of consumers in the United Kingdom refer to these products collectively as ‘Easter eggs,’ regardless of their religious background.

Similarly, ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ is a common phrase for those in the United Kingdom. We don’t call them ‘Chocolate Egg Hunts’ do we?

Surely the major manufacturers and retailers could do better and just go with ‘Easter Egg!’

Anything less it gives the impression that they are simply pandering to a minority who don’t want to see the E-word.

Sharing the faith is always a positive thing, and I suppose Easter eggs are just chocolate, and really have little to do with the actual Christian holiday, no more than Raindeer have to do with Christmas, but still…we live in a world where they are making Halal Easter Eggs.

That’s a thing now. We did this together humanity. Congratulations.

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