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British media hits new low with farcical story of Russian children ordered to return to Russia

When it comes to Western politicians and mainstream media slandering, misrepresenting, lying about and threatening war with Russia, I am going to have to put the phrase ‘a new low’ into retirement. It just keeps getting lower and lower.

A critical mass was reached when a bogus story printed in Britain’s Daily Star (which no one reads) and later in the Daily Mail (which many read) led several people to personally ask me if they should head for the proverbial hills.

The story said that family members of Russian government officials living abroad have been ordered with immediate effect to ‘return to the motherland’, and that Russian students studying abroad must return to Russia.The article said that consequences for non-compliance would be severe.

It read like something from a very poorly written spy thriller from 1961. However, to those who do not yet read The Duran and watch RT and who consequently do not know what Russian politicians actually sound like, the fabrications actually seemed believable.

The articles did not cite any official government sources or reliable journalists from Russia. The whole thing was a farce. Later that day the Russian government denied any knowledge of such a plan.

In summary it was a bogus story. But these are the depths to which the Western media will plunge, so desperate are they for a story. These journalists clearly live in the same parallel universe which John Kerry inhabits and Boris Johnson is now resident in.

At least not everyone in the west is in Mr. Johnson’s and Mr. Kerry’s and the Daily Mail’s parallel universe. 

The ultimate rebuke of Boris Johnson’s calls for people to protest in front if the Russian embassy in London, came from someone who is very much part of the establishment.

Former MI6 head, Sir John Sawers, has said that Mr. Johnson’s calls to protest the embassy are irresponsible and that he ought to be ‘careful’ of the consequences of such a statement. He compared it with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s apparently sanctioned protest of the British embassy in Tehran in 2011.

What has happened to Britain? Has the fast food, poor comprehensive state schools, Murdoch media and post-Blair interventionist blood lust really turned the land of ‘Keep calm and carry on’ into the land of ‘Keep bombing and rabbit on’?

It’s a travesty! One now has British statesmen who are more like General ‘Buck’ Turgidson from Dr. Strangelove than they are like Sir Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan or Julian Amery. What a sad state of affairs.

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