Britain’s National Health Service is set to begin funding fatherless families.

I am extremely curious to find out what the role of a man will be in 20 to 30 years in western society. Their can be no doubt that with each passing year, men are being pushed out to the fringes of society, used as nothing more than manual slave labourers or cannon fodder in ridiculous wars.

News that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will launch a fund specifically designed to set up families without a man present is yet another nail in the coffin for the masculine influence in western society.

The Daily Mail UK sums it up nicely:

  • NHS to fund sperm bank for lesbians: New generation of fatherless families… paid for by YOU
  • For as little as £300 women will be able to search database for donor
  • Will mainly benefit those who want children WITHOUT relationship with a man
  • There is an increasing demand from lesbian couples and single women
  • Critics called it ‘dangerous’ and warned against creating fatherless families

So for 300 GBP women will now be able to search online databases and pick out some alpha male sperm without the male’s ‘hands on’ contribution, funded for by the British taxpayer. Women will be able to select donors based on his ethnicity, height, profession and even hobbies….so something like a Tinder slide left or right kind of thing.

The sperm bank (set to open in October) will even ship out the product to a clinic near you, so that the unnatural process of baby creation, and fatherless family unit building can commence.

The disturbing part to this enterprise is that even though heterosexual couples may be able to benefit from the NHS funded service, the entire operation is specifically targeted at women who want to start a family without having a relationship with a man.

The Daily Mail UK is reporting that some people are no so hot towards this spermtastic idea:

Critics last night called it a ‘dangerous social experiment’ that could result in hundreds of fatherless ‘designer families’. The former Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, said last night: ‘It is the welfare of the child that must come first and not the fact that people want a particular kind of baby.’

Bishop Michael, who once chaired the ethics committee of Britain’s fertility watchdog, added: ‘This is social experimentation. It’s one thing for a child not to have a mother or father through tragedy, but it is another to plan children to come into the world without a father.’

As for the operation itself and the logistics of the whole thing…

Funded by a £77,000 Government grant, the bank will be run by the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) which this year received an additional £120,000 of public money to organise egg and sperm donation.

Over the next three years the NGDT aims to recruit at least 1,000 men and collect sufficient donations for the sperm bank to meet demand.

Laura Witjens, NGDT chief executive, said: ‘There are people who are medically infertile or practically infertile – they want to use donation services in the UK but can’t do so because there isn’t enough donated sperm.

‘The [demand from] same-sex couples and single women has grown exponentially. It’s become more socially acceptable to say, I haven’t found a guy yet, don’t want to wait for him, still want a child.’

She added: ‘The aim is that we will have enough surplus sperm so that we will be able to set up a service for people like single women and same-sex couples.’

She described this group as ‘customers rather than patients’.

So while some ‘customers’ will be heterosexual couples with fertility problems, the bulk of sperm purchases will consist of professional, single females who decided to have a baby without a man. And also let’s not forget that more than a quarter of all the recipients will be lesbian women. This is the new modern family in the making…men not included or needed. 

Asked about the impact to the core family unit with no male figure present, Ms. Witjens rejected the case that children may suffer from a lack of a male role model…

‘There is no evidence to suggest that children are better off with or without a father,’ she said. ‘There’s never been a call – from us or the Department of Health – to reduce the access to sperm for same-sex or single women. That’s a non-issue.’

Ms Witjens pointed to the removal of the reference to a ‘need for a father’ in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, when taking account of a child’s welfare when providing fertility treatment.

She added that the National Sperm Bank would also help prevent desperate women using murky unregulated services and going online to buy sperm.

This is great news for the elite western power brokers running the world into the ground. It means more men to work the land on the cheap and send off to die in the fields of battle…just make sure to get some of their jizz before being disposed off.

Problems may start to show when the children from such manless families grow up and are not equipped to work the shipyards, plough the fields, or mine the minerals needed to keep the female land owners and fat cat politicians comfortable, but let’s cross that bridge later…say in 20 to 30 years.


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August 3, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Britain’s National Health Service #NHS is set to begin funding fatherless families. #MGTOW #MensRights…

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