BREAKING: Major bomb threats in Moscow force mass evacuations

Central Moscow on high alert.

Multiple locations in Moscow have been evacuated including schools, shopping centres, train stations and public squares due to “almost simultaneous” threats that they were rigged with explosive devices coordinated to cause a 9/11 style atrocity in the Russian capital.

Russia’s emergency services issued the following statement,

“Twenty sites are currently being evacuated, and more than 10,000 people have been escorted out, though the specific number is still being confirmed.

This appears to be a case of telephone terrorism, but we have to check the credibility of these messages”.


This far, all evacuations have occurred peacefully and without any incident. The Russian authorities are still trying to determine if the threats were genuine or part of a criminal hoax. Recently, Ukrainian criminals have planted fake bomb threats among the Russian authorities in a calculated attempted to create discord and disrupt the peace. Such criminal acts carry a five year prison sentence in Russia.

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BREAKING: Major bomb threats in Moscow force mass evacuations

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