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BREAKING: Cyber-attacks hit Russia and Ukraine

You have been hacked sign on LCD Screen

A series of large scale cyber-attacks have hit Russia and Ukraine.

In Russia, the attacks have thus far been limited to the Rosneft oil company and its subsidiary Bashneft.

Rosneft is currently in court suing Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the owner of Sistema, a company accused of embezzling assetsfrom Bashneft.

In a Twitter statement Rosneft said that the company hopes the attacks were not related to the legal action.

At the same time, attacks have hit throughout Ukraine. These cyber-attacks have targeted major banks, airlines and government computers.

It is not yet clear if these attacks are related nor who is responsible for them.

It is equally unclear if the attacks are related to the US threatening military action against Russia’s anti-terrorism partner Syria.

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