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Boston Marathon Bombing Death Sentence Vacated by Federal Court of Appeals –

By Paul Craig Roberts

Today the Federal Court of Appeals for the First Circuit vacated the death sentence concocted for one of the alleged bombers of the alleged Boston Marathon bombing of April, 2013, seven years ago.  Some years ago John Remington Graham and I demonstrated conclusively that the FBI’s own evidence proved conclusively that, even if there really was a bombing for which there is much exposed false evidence, the Tsarnaev brothers were not involved. You can find our analysis in my articles archive on my website.

We succeeded in getting our evidence of their innocence in front of the federal appeals court, and we were stunned when the court accepted it as part of the record.  We have been hopeful ever since. Me less than John Remington Graham. As a retired defense attorney and public prosecutor and, undeniably, an expert on the US, Canadian, and unwritten British constitutions, Jack, as he is known, hoped that the judges would not accept our evidence of the Tsarnaev brothers’ innocence unless the judges intended to act on it.  I myself did not see how they could possibly have the courage to blow up one of the hoaxes used to sustain the fabricated “terrorist threat.”  Have you noticed how this “terrorist threat” went away?  Why did it go away if it were real? It wasn’t real, and it served its purpose at the time.  Now we have new threats, China, American white supremacy, Trump, and new hoaxes—Russiagate, George Floyd’s death at racist white police hands, etc.

The federal appeals court for the First Circuit has disappointed us by only vacating Dzhokhar’s death sentence and not his false conviction.  Dzhokhar’s appointed attorney cooperated with the prosecution in convicting him. The lack of representation is sufficient to overturn his conviction.  Dzhokhar’s appointed attorney did not raise the question of the FBI’s own evidence that the brothers were innocent.  She entered the trial with a guilty plea on behalf of her client. In other words, a trial was not needed. A plea bargain could have been arranged instead.  The unnecessary trial itself was a hoax for public relations purposes. The appointed attorney was part of the setup that convicted an innocent person for reasons of a hidden agenda. She put her career before truth.  That is what people do in a society that has lost its way.  We see it all around us. Truth is the greatest enemy of the ruling class. The presstitutes, professors, and corporations that serve the ruling class, in exchange, enjoy financially comfortable lives, unlike 80% of Americans. The way to succeed in America is to be a whore for the Establishment.

The First Circuit’s ruling does not free Dzhokhar. The ruling instructs the lower federal district court to hold a new trial to determine Dzhokhar’s punishment.  I think that this is all the federal appeal court dared to do.

Nevertheless, the federal appeals court ruling opens a wedge by admitting that something was wrong, and Dzhokhar’s punishment has to be reconsidered in a new trial.  If there were attorneys and bar associations that served justice rather than career and money, they could use the opening provided by the First Circuit to blow up the hoax conviction of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev together with the hoax false flag Boston Marathon Bombing. This, I think, is the message from the US Appeals Court of the First Circuit.  The Appeals Court opens the opportunity, but if no one cares, the Appeals Court is not going to take the hit for declaring an innocent person innocent.

A country whose lawyers no longer will fight for justice, but only for money, is a lost and destroyed country.

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August 1, 2020

Thank you, PCR, for stating the truth. I salute you.

Mobius Operandi
Mobius Operandi
Reply to  BobValdez
August 1, 2020

I think it’s a crock.

Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo
Reply to  Mobius Operandi
August 2, 2020

I still think it’s a crock. 😉

Just more Russian meddling
Just more Russian meddling
August 1, 2020

Good move, I’d say. Their follow up decision to instead try_in_absentia the GRU staff that warned the US to keep an eye on these guys and their CIA subcontracted uncle is just icing on the cake.

Cave Canem
Cave Canem
Reply to  Just more Russian meddling
August 2, 2020

Maybe his two nephews were CIA assets too, unwitting perhaps? These days, not thinking out of the box will just force somebody to pad the box and lock you in it. ;-).

Last edited 9 months ago by Cave Canem
John Ellis
August 2, 2020

The death penalty has no basis in law, logic or morality.
For a correct translation of the Sixth Commandment reads:
“Do not take the life of any human or unborn baby,
or in any way contribute to their death.”

If we have a God — He must be a pacifist

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