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Black Lives Matter Show Their True Colours

Just in case you didn’t know, those colours are every shade of red, and most definitely not black.

The rioting and looting that has been going on for months in the United States hit Chicago again after a man named Latrell Allen shot at police.  They were in the area in response to a report of a man with a gun. Allen was seriously injured but thankfully not that seriously. He was taken to hospital, but word went round that an unarmed black man had been shot and killed by the police.

Allen’s mother told CBC Chicago her son had no gun. An independent eyewitness said the same thing. How then does one explain the police recovering a gun, an in situ photograph of which has been released? It could be that Allen lied to his mother and that the eyewitness was mistaken. Or it could be the police planted the gun. That sort of thing used to happen at one time, but hopefully not anymore.

Soon there were hundreds of people at the site, then thousands reporting on social media.  Then riots. Lori Lightfoot turned down an offer of help from the President, but Black Lives Matter could not turn down an opportunity like this.

Here is Ariel Atkins of their Chicago chapter, who is most definitely not to be confused with a similarly named professional basketball player.

Did you hear that? Looting is a form of reparations, and all these big stores have insurance. And the small stores? Assuming everyone is insured, what happens to a company’s insurance premiums after it makes a substantial claim?

In June this year, Nike issued a fawning statement concerning Black Lives Matter. If this insanity keeps up, one wonders how much longer corporate America will be prepared to continue feeding the mouth that bites it.

When he heard of these riots, veteran race hustler Jesse Jackson voiced his displeasure, and what did Atkins tell him? In effect, to mind his own business. How bad must an organisation be to make Jesse Jackson look good?

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Black Picard
August 14, 2020

Yet another reason why educated brothas are going #SYSBM & getting the fuck out of the American Matrix. Any sensible black folk who are not on the Democratic or fake Christian “conservative Republican” plantation should exit the country ASAP because it is, literally, falling apart. All the Westernized black Feminazi can stay in the Matrix. Please! We #SYSBM brothas don’t want you – especially the fake hair/weave-wearing sistas. In fact, nobody from the other races wants you & your degenerate mentalities. TheDarkMan, are you based in the US or UK? If the former, you should be getting the fuck outta… Read more »

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