Bill Maher recently interviewed Rand Paul. The Senator from Kentucky shows once again why he is the best person for the job of U.S. President

Rand Paul recently appeared on Bill Maher’s show, an he once again displayed why he is the only candidate for US President that makes any sense at all.

At the end, Bill Maher said:

I think it’s only a good thing for America, when I’m not sure who I’m gonna vote for next time.

Michael Krieger from Liberty Blitzkrieg notes..

Think about that for a minute. Unless he makes some spectacular flip-flops, Rand Paul would get all the libertarian votes, all the GOP votes (they’d vote for Satan to keep Hilary out of office), and a lot more genuine liberal/progressive votes than you might think.

He is the only candidate who can beat Hilary. That’s why Rand Paul is Hilary Clinton’s worst nightmare.


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November 23, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Bill Maher interviews Rand Paul. Senator from Kentucky shows why he is the best person for the job of POTUS…

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