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Biden’s REFUSAL To Condemn Antifa Is EXACTLY Why I’m Voting Trump, Leftists Get Charges DROPPED

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October 1, 2020

John B Wells always has an interesting viewpoint:

Daily Dose Of Straight Talk With John B. Wells Episode 1393

John Ellis
October 2, 2020

White supremacists fight to protect the mostly white upper-half of society which hoards all the land, wealth and political power. On the other hand, the Antifa group fight to protect the 50% working-poor.

Reply to  John Ellis
October 12, 2020

Antigua are Not good actors,there is credible anecdotal evidence that they are argent-provocateurs,they have been caught handing out bricks,and perhaps assault rifles,the latter needs more verification but their toxic and anarchist behaviour has been proven true,they are tech and law savvy white middle/upper class white college age kids,who have crafted crowd funding sites so they don’t ever do time,plus they have the bank of mom and dad,they do Not care about the destruction of small businesses,,many which belong to black or Hispanic communities,they have No stakehold in those neighbourhoods so could Not care if they burn,they will never see the… Read more »

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