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Biden insults LEGAL immigrants by promoting people who break immigration laws [Video]

“…One of the most basic acts of respect is inviting others into your home.” Yes, he said that.

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Liberal people really are out of their minds. We have prime examples of this by simply listening to the thoughts of Imposter Joe and Cackling Kamala… well, more often Imposter Joe. Kamala is too busy hiding and only appearing in her inane push to actually become President. 

Joe Biden spoke to a group of immigrants at their naturalization ceremony, and did an absolutely classic liberal thing. This group of immigrants went through the naturalization process honestly. They followed the rules. They endured the headaches that come with trying to become American citizens. There are, admittedly a lot of hurdles for them to deal with.

But as the reward for their hard work and honest efforts, this man who has been “installed” in the White House as the front for radical leftists basically told these people that their honesty meant nothing, because he is going to give a blanket excuse to the millions of illegal aliens in the United States who game the system, hide, take advantage of American taxpayer funded services at no personal cost to themselves… He told honest immigrants on the day of their own personal triumph that he would make their hard work of no effect by just helping illegals NOT be held accountable for their illegal presence in the country.

Now, one has to listen to how Mr. Biden couches his language. He mumbles through most of it, though if he is reading notes, those notes must be in the back of the room. His language talks about things like “making it easier for the DREAMERs” to become citizens, but not holding them accountable for the fact that they broke our sovereign laws.

I can speak to this issue a bit from personal experience. I moved to Russia and for a time was working here on a tourist visa. This is technically illegal. While I was in this state, it worked badly for me because I could be paid very little for the work I did, I could receive no insurance or benefits other than what was provided “off the books” because I was off the books from the beginning. And, if I were caught, I would have been deported, and my employer fined severely or closed. It is also impossible in many cases to rent a place to live, because landlords have to pay huge taxes for letting housing out to immigrants.

However, my attitude was “I need to get this rectified so I can be a legal participant in the Russian system, taxes and so on. They graciously let me come here, and I need not to take advantage of that.” So now I have a work visa and am pursuing long term residency as precursors to eventually gaining citizenship here. It is hard to do. The Russian bureaucracy is a holdover from Soviet times and many people do not like immigrants and they do not want them coming, so they make it hard.

But this is the way the process goes. It should be difficult, because Russia wants good citizens, and people that will contribute to the welfare of the nation rather than suck and leech off of it.

As Americans we know all about illegals sucking and leeching off of us, and yet, our government allows it to happen. Republicans act like they want to be tough, but aren’t. However, Joe’s final comment in this video really summarizes the “blank cheque” attitude he has. He thinks a way of showing “respect” to others is to invite them into our homes.

But he acts like gang members, rapists, criminals, murderers and terrorists are all on the same level of honor as our friends. They are not. And his comment is obtuse, dishonest and insulting.

After all, what liberal do we know that houses illegal immigrants in their own home. Any MS-13 folks staying with Nancy Pelosi these days? She is wealthy enough to support a lot of them. So, what of it.

This government and its supposed leader are just full of lies. There is another word I wanted to use, but… well, the Duran is available for everybody to read, and bad words are not necessary.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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July 4, 2021

I’ve been referring all illegal aliens to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington D.C. where they’ll be greeted and welcomed by Joe.

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