Bagpipers invade Moscow….(VIDEO)

It’s not Scotland–it’s in the heart of Moscow!

Russia’s rich musical history includes many instruments but the bagpipes are not typically in Russian ensembles.

Today however, a large contingent of Scottish bagpipers were spotted by Russia Feed in Moscow doing what they do best.

Moscow’s international music scene is certainly growing and growing louder for that matter.

Whatever could this mean????

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Jerry Wayne Carver
Jerry Wayne Carver
August 24, 2017
Jerry Wayne Carver
Jerry Wayne Carver
August 24, 2017

Same song, different instruments.

Suzanne Giraud
Suzanne Giraud
August 27, 2017

“Whatever could this mean????” They’re remembering their Scythian/Rus origins – the Alans, 🙂

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