If Russia isn’t free, why is this Russia-hating rockstar freely touring?

Russia allows for free speech much more than people realize…but the same is not true in Ukraine

A Russia hating musician Zakhar May, born in Ukraine and raised in Saint Petersburg will be touring Russia, singing song and sharing his aspirations to mass murder. These are not my words, one of the lyrics to his songs is translated as:

When our tanks enter Moscow I will hang many people

Absolute Russophobic garbage, yet ironically, he will be entering Moscow as well as Saint Petersburg to sing his terrible songs.

Had he sung a song in Ukraine that went like: “Kiev is the Mother of Russian cities – thus it was, thus it is, and thus it will be.” or simply wore a Saint George ribbon, he would have been arrested…yet somehow…it’s Russia which has no freedom according to the west. Here is a video from Vesti news about the situation:

Here is a photograph illustrating the difference from Kherson, Ukraine, built by Russia under Empress Catherine the Great, just south of Crimea on the Dnipro river.

Image result for Русофилия, мы вылечим тебя

The photo is made by the Ukrainian Secret Service and says – Separatism? Russophilia? Federalism? There is a way out (literally: there is an exit)! We cure people of love for Russia. Freely, Indefinitely, and Anonymously! [it then provides the phone number and contact info of the security service]

That is an official poster from a government agency in tragic and melancholy Kherson by the sea.

Now a US citizen of Ukrainian origin from the US is being permitted by the Russian government to tour Russia singing his song. This stands as a testimony to the fact that Russians have more liberties than people understand.

We hear ad nausium about how Russia is an oppressive country with no freedom, much less free speech by biased western media, often reporting from countries that participating in wars around the world that have killed millions.

The reality is the idea of a totally “free” country is more of an idealism than a reality, but Russia is far more free and politically diverse than the west realizes.

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