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ASSANGE: ‘I encouraged Trump Jr. to release lawyer emails’

Julian Assange has come forward to state that early on Tuesday, he contacted Donald Trump Jr. and advised him to release the full content of the emails between himself and a Russian lawyer called Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Trump Jr. made the decision to release the emails apparently motivated from the advice the Wikileak’s founder who offered to publish the full un-redacted emails before the New York Times could get the opportunity to publish selected quotes that could be easily misconstrued.

Assange has now stated the following on his Twitter account,

Assange stated that he felt it would have been safer had Trump Jr. published anonymously through Wikileaks, however there is a strong argument to the contrary based only on the fact that the political claimant in Washington D.C. has become so irrational.

As both parties to the conversations had nothing to hide, it would have been entirely proper for Wikileaks to publish the verified content, however, Donald Trump’s political opponents would have gone predictably hysterical, saying that the Trump administration (which Trump’s son is not a part of, but since when did reality matter) is in collusion with Wikileaks, which Hillary Clinton continues to accuse of being run by Russia.

Not only did the meetings Trump Jr. had with Natalia Veselnitskaya not produce anything of any political relevance, but it is becoming increasingly likely that the meeting itself was a sting operation intended to incriminate the Trumps.

If Trump’s opponents were behind this, that would actually be a criminal offence.

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