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Assange as a modern Thomas a’ Becket

I see Assange as a modern Thomas Becket with the King’s plotters as: Blair, Cheney, Pompeo, Biden, Struck, Bush, Obama, Brennan, Trump, Dearlove and Lady Emma Arbuthnot. The friends are few but include Judge Koeltl, Chelsea Manning and Snowden plus all journalists of conscience.

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September 12, 2020

Julian Assange revolutionised journalism, he created a new form alt=media,by using his coding skills to create a site where random whistle blowers could drop off information,many of the legacy media were jealous of this genius ,but the legacy media didn’t mind benefiting from this man skills and originality,this resentment and jealousy would probably make Shakespeare’s, “ Iago” from Othello, blush,which is why they have abandoned him in his hour of need,this is the man reveal the horrific wars crimes and corruption of US political system,in some ways this protege has over achieved,and the haters don’t care if he is handed… Read more »

Nigel Ley (1947-2020)

The Merchant of V _ _ice