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Are Russians really unhappy? Here’s why Western media wants us to believe this

Having read yet another Western media article demonising Russian President Vladimir Putin and telling the world how terrible life in Russia is under Putin I did my own research.  This was based on findings of the OECD – the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – which the media does not tell us. The OECD does an annual “better life” index, also known as the “happy” index, for various countries.

Just as in any other country some people in Russia like their President and some people don’t.  However when the Western media continually bad mouths a country (Russia), there is always an agenda behind it. In every country where Washington wanted a regime change, they demonised its leader in order to get public support to intervene and come to the rescue of its poor population that suffers under this demon of a leader. Now they are doing the same with Russia.

Truth however is, Yes Putin is not an Angel nor a knight in shining armour, but he has paid off all the debt the country owed and he turned the economy round and built up its military again.

One of the most common ways to interpret a country’s well being is to look at its GDP. Russia’s GDP speaks for itself.  However I went further and looked at findings of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), which states on its website, that 69% of people in Russia are employed compared to 65% of OECD countries. In OECD countries 13% of employees work extremely long hours, compared to 0.2% in Russia.

Yes in Russia, the average disposable income per household is at $19,292 lower than the $25,908 of the OECD countries, but when people were asked how satisfied they are with life (out of 10), the Russian average was 6 – very close to the OECD average of 6.6. In the OECD countries, 75% of people have secondary education, whilst in Russia it js 94%. The list goes on and on. All the detail can be found here.

So just where do the Western media get their sources that Russians are not happy or are suffering under Putin?

So on average, the people in Russia are quite happy with their lifestyle and the media is yet again taking a small percentage that is not happy, and is blowing it up as if it is the whole truth.

Regime changers use the Controlled Mainstream media, to try to give the impression that the average person in Russia suffers under Putin, in order to get public support for intervention, which normally ends up in the form of military intervention.  However Russia is not the small kid in school whom you can bully, so for the time being, military intervention is put on the back burner, yet not totally out of the warmongers’ minds.

Unfortunately for these people who want to lay their hands on Russia’s wealth, their own Western research done by OECD, tells us that Russians are reasonably satisfied with their lives under Putin.  So though even though gullible Westerners who read Western media articles about Russia might swallow everything they are told, their constant demonising of Putin, has no effect in Russians whatsoever.

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