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An old man was killed as a result of being run over by a “SDF” vehicle in Al-Raqqa in Syria

The SDF militants committed a new crime against an old man from Al-Raqqa, by running him over by one of their vehicles, in a scene that has become repeated from time to time without any concern for the lives of the civilians.

Sources  reported that the 70’s man was walking alone on “Hisham bin Abdul Malik” street in Al-Raqqa, and a military vehicle came in with militants from the “SDF” and ran him over suddenly.

The sources added that the man was thrown to the ground, bleeding profusely from his head, without the “SDF” members stopping to try to help him, as they escaped quickly, so that the people then treated the old man who died before reaching the hospital.

This kind of crimes are frequently committed by the “SDF” in the various areas under its control, as part of the incidents that arouse the anger of the people, especially with the militants’ intention to escape, and not stopping to help the injured, noting that these crimes are not limited to the “SDF” only, but also the US military vehicles as well.

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Kelly D. Ellington
Kelly D. Ellington
March 4, 2021

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J­o­i­n t­h­i­s r­i­g­h­t n­o­w b­y f­o­l­l­o­w i­n­s­t­r­u­c­t­i­o­n­s h­e­r­e­.­. ↠↠↠

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March 4, 2021

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March 4, 2021

Moderate terrorists empowered and planted by western nations to continue their regime change agendas and prolong the suffering of the poor Syrian people.

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