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An excellent way to distinguish between liberals and conservatives [Video]

The rise of nationalism, populism and traditionalism is revealing the real divide between liberals and conservatives.

Dr Steven Turley has emerged in the last couple years as one of the clearest voices in support of “the new nationalism” that appears to be taking shape in many nations all over the world. This rise of nationalism, populism and traditionalism is revealing the real divide between liberals and conservatives in America and around the world. Most significantly leading this charge is the Russian Federation, but many nations are coming on board: The United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, the United States, Australia, and some signs of interest in antiglobalism in France.

In this video, Dr Steve delivers a brilliant comparison between the driving forces behind left-wing liberalism / secularism and socialism and the right-wing traditionalist nationalists. He gets all of the elements, most particularly acknowledging the religious aspect, which is actually foundational to national identity.

A little setup:

The video starts with an analysis of how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is getting primaried in her own district, after only about a year in service. Even Democrats are mounting a primary challenge to this socialist firebrand. Dr Turley starts with her, but then goes into the deeper issue – how far can the left push, and what, if anything, provides a “do not pass this point” boundary for leftist ideology. He contrasts that with how there are bounds for the right and his explanation is magnificent.

This also obviously serves to explain President Trump’s direction and intent, as we have covered repeatedly elsewhere, like my own recent pieces here and here.

(And please, read and share the Buttigieg piece – it seems to be too hot to handle, but it is spot on with what needs to be said about this situation.)

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February 22, 2020

I read this and thought this wouldn’t be interesting. now watching the video I find it interesting. ha

February 24, 2020

(I’m a social conservative and an economic leftist) The strawman fallacy used by conservatives is sometimes disheartening. Using words like “Marxist” in a derogatory sense is very disingenuous. Defining “conservatism” as an ideal that expouses the timeless applicability of age-old traditions and norms to be advantageous for a society, means that fairness, caring, sharing and proper remuneration for hard workers as well also falls under these age-old principles. Marxism emerged because Western culture seems to have a very hard time doing this. This is something that a lot of conservatives have not exploresd properly and such have not provided alternative… Read more »

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