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America’s Lying Press Will Now Lie Even When the Government Won’t

Eric Zuesse

Right now, the New York Times and Washington Post still are not acknowledging that they have no real evidence for their ‘news’ that Russia has been paying, to Afghanistan’s Taliban, bounties for corpses of U.S. troops they’ve killed in Afghanistan. Until recently, America’s press was simply spouting the lies of the U.S. Government, instead of lies that are against the U.S. Government (and against Russia’s Government). Here’s an example of that, the type of ‘news’-lies that have been the norm, until now:

(See the rest of this article posted yesterday at The Duran.)

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Sergeant Bilko
Sergeant Bilko
July 1, 2020

I don’t think there’s an Amero-friendly war criminal, neo-fascist or corrupt oligarch that Biden hasn’t given a big hug to. If I were Porko in that pic (God forbid), I’d check to make sure my wallet’s still there.

John Ellis
July 2, 2020

So far this year only 4 U.S. troops have died in the Afghan War, last year the total was 21, enough said.

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