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America is to blame for the inevitable break-up of Iraq

The United States is once again complicit in the torture of Iraqi citizens, this time at the hands of Iraqi special forces.

A further video has been released showing the torture and ‘field execution’ of Iraqi civilians. Their crime? Being Sunni Muslims who had the misfortune to live in regions in and around Mosul that were captured by ISIS.

RT has released footage which shows the brutal execution of an unarmed Iraqi man from December of 2016.

American observers which are in the region assisting Iraqi forces stand accused of being complicit in the extra-legal torture and killing of Iraqi civilians.

Many have described the acts of torture being committed by Iraqi forces to be eerily similar to that which American personnel were accused of in the early 2000s at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

Few countries in the Middle East have suffered so consistently and humiliatingly as has Iraq. The only other country which can be equated is Palestine.

At this point one must again ask the lingering question that American officials refuse to even acknowledge: will Iraq be partitioned and if so when?

The answer is that it could happen as early as September of this year. On the 25th of September, Kurdish regions of Northern Iraq are set to vote on an independence referendum.

The referendum will likely win, although Baghdad may not acknowledge its legitimacy. Irrespective of this though, Baghdad may have little choice as it is unlikely that the United States would do any heavy lifting to stop Iraqi Kurds from going their own way, not least because the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan is manifestly less controversial than that of Syrian Kurdish regions. Even in Syria, many reports from Kurdish media have suggested that the US is making covert plans to assist the Kurds with their own drive for further autonomy or Independence in exchange for the assistance the Kurdish YPG have offered to the US in the fight against ISIS in and around Raqqa.

But the Arab regions of Iraq are also at risk.

Long before the videos were made public, Iraqi Sunnis were well aware of the torture that Shi’a Iraqi military and police personnel were engaged in against their Sunni countrymen.

It was the post-2003 invasion that sowed the seeds of distrust between Sunni and Shi’a and this is what led to Sunni areas becoming incubators for terrorists who took advantage of the total distrust of the central government among the Sunni populations.

It is therefore difficult to see how Sunni and Shi’a regions will be able to hold together, especially if Kurds set a precedent for withdrawal from the state.

The blame for the break-up of Iraq, if it happens, ought to be placed first and foremost on the United States. The United States took the fragile unity of Iraq and smashed it open. Every unlawful execution, every mass execution, every torture chamber and mass grave which is filling up in Iraq is due to America’s invasion, occupation and total mismanagement of Iraq.

In short, everything the US accuses countries like Syria doing without any shred of truth can better be applied to Iraq only multiplied ten-fold. But America will never admit this. They would sooner falsely accuse Syria than show any humility or contrition about their own crimes against humanity.

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