Amazing Video: Russian leopard shares food with an army of animals

Watch and listen as a variety of animals join in the feast, all caught on this Russian wildlife camera

An amazing video emerged from the Russian national park “Land of the Leopard”, in which a leopard brought her meal in front of a wildlife camera. What followed is simply heart-warming.

Seven species of wild animals came and shared the meal at various times. The resulting recording was posted on the park’s YouTube channel.

This is all thanks to the leopard Valera, who brought her prey there and shared it with other animals.

“The recording quality allows even to hear the tiger’s breath, see the emitted steam. This is a special clearing. From here, the valley is clearly visible, which is convenient for predators.” – researcher Victor Storozhuk told RIA Novosti

Some people have questioned the story of the generous leopard, suggesting the park may have engineered the event to impress people.

Heresy! No one will question the legend of the great Comrade Valera the Leopard!

Valera lived, Valera lives, and Valera will forever live in our hearts!

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